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Baseball Inspired Cleveland Cavaliers Director of Business Development Jentry Mullins To Make Sports His Career

Amanda Hope | 3 weeks ago | 6 MIN READ
Jentry Mullins has come a long way since his studies at University of Virginia’s College at Wise where he graduated in Sport Management. Mullins has proven that hard work and determination will pay off, especially in the highly competitive sports industry. In this interview, Mullins discusses his successes as well...
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Austin Moss: The Glue That Supports San Fransisco 49ers Players

Hayley Michie | 1 month ago | 5 MIN READ
Austin Moss, Director of Player Engagement for the San Francisco 49ers, helps the players to develop support systems and build relationships outside of the NFL experience. Each day he checks in with the players to make sure that they are doing well and to assist them in all areas of...
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Giovanna Perone, Associate Manager for Wasserman Media Group Believes Everything Happens For A Reason

Hayley Michie | 3 months ago | 10 MIN READ
Giovanna Perone, Associate Manager with Wasserman Media Group, works year-round on RBC Golf Business to bring visions and sponsorships to life. The job also entails working on player contract fulfillments, and anything within the hospitality field. In her position, Giovanna Perone travels a great deal, especially during the summer months,...
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Bradenton Mauraders ⚾️ Assistant General Manager Jackie Riggleman Knew Sport Is Where She Needed To Be

Anthony Clark | 3 months ago | 6 MIN READ
Jackie Riggleman is the Assistant General Manager of the Bradenton Marauders, the Minor League affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates ⚾. She leads the sales department, while also supporting venue operations and fan experience. If you are going to a Marauders game, chances are Jackie Riggleman had a hand in your...
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Sales Operations Associate Auset Hood Plays An Active Role In ‘MVP Services’ At Los Angeles Clippers Home Games

Amanda Hope | 3 months ago | 7 MIN READ
Auset Hood is a Sales Operations Associate with the Los Angeles Clippers! Hood has two main roles: to assist the Manager of Arena Operations in detailing the logistics behind game days and to assist the MVP services department in planning out different events for season ticket members and court-side clientele....
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Jonathan Hanley, Guest Experience Coordinator For Hamilton Tiger-Cats Knows How To Climb The Ladder!

Hayley Michie | 3 months ago | 13 MIN READ
Jonathan Hanley, Coordinator of Guest Experience with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Forge FC, helps to train, hire, and manage all of the part-time customer service staff members at Tim Hortons Field. This feature is near and dear to me as I've worked with Jonathan throughout his career with the Ticats...
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NFLPA Player Manager Rahman Anjorin Makes A Vast Difference On NFLers

Amanda Hope | 3 months ago | 8 MIN READ
Rahman Anjorin, Player Manager within the Player Affairs Department at the NFL Players Association, works hard to engage new players entering into the league, helping them to identify their career needs and goals so that they can succeed both and off the field. Rahman in his career, displays humilty, impact,...
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Zak Zumbiel Fosters Alliance Between Local Youth & Tampa Bay Buccaneers Through Football

Mat Israelson | 3 months ago | 8 MIN READ
Zak Zumbiel, Senior Coordinator of Youth Relations with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, focuses his attention on Youth Outreach events and projects mostly centering around flag football and military outreach. Though he is new to the position, Zak brings along with him his experience from working in previous positions such as...
Industry Profiles

Christopher Flynn, Senior Manager Of Oakland Athletic “The CORE” On The Program, Mentorship & His Journey

Mat Israelson | 4 months ago | 7 MIN READ
Christopher Flynn is the Senior Manager of the Oakland Athletics sports business academy called "The CORE." Christopher has been with the A's for almost three years and has seen the start and development of The CORE program. The CORE is an innovative sports business development academy, built around the A's...
Industry Profiles

Sporty Jeralds Tooty Ta’s Between Community Relations For Charlotte Hornets & Teaching

David Minor | 4 months ago | 13 MIN READ
Adonis "Sporty" Jeralds is a professor in Sport and Entertainment Management at the University of South Carolina. He also works within the Community Relations department with the Charlotte Hornets. I had the opportunity to interview Sporty Jeralds. Sporty is a funny, authentic, passionate, and caring instructor who brings a wealth...
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Amanda Frechette Coordinates Events For The Canadian Paralympic Committee

Dekota Kirby | 4 months ago | 7 MIN READ
Amanda Frechette is the Senior Coordinator of Events at the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC). After featuring their CEO Karen O’Neill a little while back, I sought to interview someone else from their fantastic organization. I landed upon Amanda Frechette because of the great events the CPC tends to run. So,...
Industry Profiles

Dedication Drives Darren Ross For Hamilton Ti-Cats Football Club & Forge FC’s Stadium Events & Operations

Rikesh Mistry | 4 months ago | 7 MIN READ
Darren Ross is the Coordinator, Stadium Events and Operations at Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club and Forge FC. Darren Ross decided from an early age that working in the sport industry was the path for him. In this interview, he recalls the start of his sport management career, his current day-to-day...
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Kevin Kelley Manages Events For WORLD SERIES WINNING Washington Nationals

Hayley Michie | 4 months ago | 6 MIN READ
Kevin Kelley is the Manager of Events for the Washington Nationals, a role he's been in for almost 2 years. Before that, he was Assistant Manager of Events with the organization for two and a half. And before that, he was an account executive. In total, Kevin has been with...
Industry Profiles

Andrea Johnson Toggles Between Student President & Coaching Association of Canada

Naeem Ahmed | 5 months ago | 7 MIN READ
Andrea Johnson is Project Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion at the Coaching Association of Canada. At the same time, she's completing her Master's degree and heading up the uOttawa Sport Business Club (uOSBC). With the biggest part of the club happening tonight, I thought it'd be timely to release this...
Industry Profiles

Business Acumen & Curiosity Led Bobby Phelps Towards Becoming Phoenix Suns Business Development Manager

Rikesh Mistry | 5 months ago | 6 MIN READ
Bobby Phelps is the Manager of Business Development for the Phoenix Suns. Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Bobby about what his role involves, how he got started working for the Phoenix Suns ticket sales team and how he strives to give Suns fans the best service possible...
Industry Profiles

Brooklyn Nets Equipment Manager Joe Cuomo: Equipment Management Is Way More Than Doing Laundry

Amber Somerville | 5 months ago | 10 MIN READ
Joe Cuomo is an Equipment Manager for the Brooklyn Nets. This means that Joe leads the charge on a myriad of logistical aspects of the Nets organization from equipment and apparel inventory to transport. I first learned of Joe Cuomo during the 2019 NBA Summer League when he was on...

Former NBA Development League Player Luke Bonner Is Finding Success On The Business Side Of Sport

Mat Israelson | 5 months ago | 5 MIN READ
Former professional basketball player Luke Bonner is the owner of Power Forward Sports Group (PWRFWD). PWRFWD is a consultancy specializing in player advocacy and sports marketing. They recently helped world-renowned gymnast Aly Raisman launch a signature shoe with YORK Athletics Mfg. But owning and managing PWRFWD is not the only...

The Positive Inception: Sport Management Graduate Ryan Benoit’s Blossoming Clothing Company

Phil Goldberg | 5 months ago | 11 MIN READ
Ryan Benoit is the founder and CEO of The Positive Inception Clothing Line and Apparel. When I chatted with one of my favourite interviewees, Claus Souza of the Denver Nuggets, I asked him who he thinks we should interview next. He was eager to suggest Ryan Benoit. Why? According to...
Industry Profiles

The Linear Path Of Blue Jays Sales Rep Corey Henders: From Stadium Usher & Fan Services

David Minor | 5 months ago | 6 MIN READ
Corey Henders is a Sales Representative with the Toronto Blue Jays. He's been with the organization for nearly 4 years, but just recently graduated college in sport management. Before settling down with the Blue Jays, Corey had several jobs across three sports: basketball, baseball and hockey. I especially enjoyed talking...


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