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Forest Gump

Looking for a classic to motivate you? Well, I got one that may surprise you. Forest Gump! Yup, you heard me right. I know that when you first hear that title, the first thing that comes to mind is that classic line about a box of chocolates. BUT, do you remember any others? RUN FOREST RUN! Let’s start there and I will prove to you why this film belongs on our shelf.

Why did we put Forest Gump on The Shelf?

Forest was consistently bullied by the same group of young boys almost every day. Although an unfortunate occurrence, one day Forest was being chased by those bullies straight through a football practice at such a speed, the players and even the coach were shocked. Thanks to this incident, Forest was welcomed into College so he could play for the school’s team. It was a common understanding that Forest was confused a lot of the time, and tended to get into many situations like this completely by accident. An accident or not, Forest showed the incredible speed that could not be denied at glance. He was incredibly fast, and although he did not understand the rules of football, that school made sure to have him on their team. A natural gift like that is why Forest Gump gets a spot on our shelf.

Forest Gump belongs on The Shelf because...

Another sport Forest was instantly incredible at was ping-pong. When he was drafted into the army, one of the common past times was playing the sport, so Forest wanted to learn how to do just that. He was given one tip as soon as he started, to never take his eye off the ball. Being the kind of person Forest was, he took thinks extremely literally, and never took his eye off that ping-pong ball. From then on he constantly played even if he was alone. He would go on to even dream of playing every single night. Before you knew it, he was competing in numerous competitions amongst the other army sergeants. Forest was constantly doubted by others for being different but was incredibly talented and dedicated to whatever he set his mind to. An inspiration that we will continue to look up to.

One thing we can all agree on is Forest has the most determination of anyone we have ever met. When he puts his mind to something, he does it better than everyone else. First with football, then with ping-pong and especially with Jenny. Throughout the film, he clearly cares deeply for Jenny and loves her through all her growth and poor decision making. He pushes the boundaries to locate her and be with her because when Forest decides something, HE GETS IT DONE. Determination like that is incredibly admirable and a trait we can all look up to.  So, don’t worry, we will keep it up on our shelf for you

Melissa's Final Thoughts

There you have it! Forest Gump is a film that deserves to be on this shelf. After watching the film we are able to talk about themes of athleticism and talent through football, ping-pong and the determination needed to do those things and more. It includes other incredible life lessons that you will need to watch in order to learn about. So do yourself a favour, and take some time to check out this Netflix film the next time you get a chance.

On The shelf