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Is Going To The Game A Good First Date?

Going on a first date at a baseball, basketball, hockey game - pros and cons

Is Going To The Game A Good First Date?

Just because you love going to the game, doesn’t mean everyone else does too. That being said, many people enjoy the experience, which brings up the question of whether or not going to a basketball, baseball, hockey, or other game would be a good first date. The answer probably depends on the situation.  If your date is also interested in sports, then it would be an amazing idea! But if your date has little to zero interest in sports, it could be a disaster.

Going on a first date at a baseball, basketball, hockey game - pros and cons

You have the weigh the pros and cons before deciding if the risk is worth it.

Pros of having the first date at a game

  • Less Formal – Dinner dates increase pressure, but the casual atmosphere of a game might help both of you relax.
  • Provides good conversation starters –  If you can’t seem to think of anything to talk about, comment on the action in the game.  But keep in mind, a sports event is a long first date, so even this strategy might not help you avoid awkward silences for the entire time.
  • Less Private – If you are uncomfortable having one-on-one conversations with someone you don’t know well, the noise and crowd at a game could be used to your advantage.  Having a meaningful conversation probably won’t be expected, which gives you time to gradually grow more comfortable with your date. 
  • Unique – Getting coffee, seeing a movie, or grabbing a bite to eat are common first dates.  Going to a game changes that up, which will stand out to the person you take.     

Cons of having the first date at a game

  • Less Personal – Games tend to be loud.  The crowd and loud noises could prevent you from getting to know your date better.  
  • Lengthy – If you don’t click with the other person, things get pretty awkward.  Compared to a relatively quick dinner, a game is a long first date. Leaving the game early isn’t really an option unless you don’t mind being totally obvious about the lack of connection.
  • Costs more – Tickets, food, and drinks add up quickly at a sports event.
  • More to Lose – If you buy tickets ahead of time, there is always the possibility of your date canceling after you’ve already purchased seats.  Of course, for those who love sports, this probably isn’t too bad because you can still go to the game.

Which sport is best for a first date?

Should your first date be at a baseball game?  What about going to a Lakers game for the first date?  The sport you choose will impact how well the date turns out. 

Baseball Game First Date

Here are several options and the different considerations for each one.   

Going on a first date at a baseball, basketball, hockey game - pros and cons
A moment from the movie Fever Pitch.
  • More Cost Effective – Tickets are cheaper and you can usually wait until the last minute to purchase them.
  • More Freedom – You can walk around the stadium instead of staying in your seat for most of the event.
  • Great for Summer – Going to the game is a great afternoon activity during the summer, provided it’s not too hot.
  • Slower Pace – Baseball’s relaxed vibe makes it easier to focus on spending time with the other person, rather than being glued to the game.  The potential downside to this is it might be boring for those who aren’t true fans. 
  • Not as Loud – The noise at baseball games don’t reach the same level of volume as some other sports, giving you a better opportunity to converse with your date.

Basketball Game First Date

  • Fast Paced – Basketball’s quick action is more exciting for casual fans or even those who know nothing about sports. For more on the length of a basketball game, click here.
  • Giveaways – There tend to be lots of giveaways at these events, which adds to the excitement of the game.
  • Shorter Duration – Basketball normally doesn’t last as long as some other sports, which is a relief if you don’t hit it off with your date.

Hockey Game First Date

Hockey Game First Date
  • More Expensive – Hockey games generally cost more than other types of sports events.
  • Exciting – Hockey has a lot of action, which will hold the attention of your date better than a baseball game would.
  • Much to Learn – Explaining hockey’s rules can help you carry on a conversation after you run out of small talk.  But avoid coming off as a know it all and make your explanations easy for a non-sports fan to understand. 

Also, pay attention to your date’s level of interest.  If the other person is nodding off, it’s time to change the subject.

Think about yourself too

When deciding whether or not to ask someone out to a game, you must consider more than just the other person. You need to think about yourself too!

Basketball game on a first date
baseball game on a first date
First date at a baseball game
hockey game first date

If you are a die-hard fan, you might not be able to focus enough on the person you are with, especially if that person doesn’t care about sports. 

Your poor date would feel ignored, which would be a major turn off.  Remember, when you are on a date it’s about spending time with the other person.  It’s not about which team wins!

So for you hardcore fans, going to a sports event on the first date probably isn’t a good idea, but it could be an option for future dates.

But if you do decide to take someone to the game on the first date, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  First dates are already nerve-wracking enough, without having to worry about making everything perfect.

Just relax and have fun.  Even if the two of you never go out again, at least you will have enjoyed some time at the game together. 

Because regardless of how appropriate they are for a first date, sports events are always great fun.

And you never know when taking a non-sports fan to a game will turn that person into a dedicated enthusiast.  Wouldn’t that be something?

Nonetheless, when deciding on where to go on a first date, please consider the pros and cons of doing it at a basketball, baseball or hockey game.

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