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About Industry Profiles

Bringing you sport industry career profiles like no other! Readers will find expert and undiscovered voices in the sport industry here. As a current or aspiring sport management professional seeking career advice, you might wonder: How will a sport management education impact my career? How much does networking matter—is it about who you know or what you know?

Standing Out In The Sport Industry

How can I stand out against the competition in order to land my dream job in the sport industry? One of the most proven ways is to read career profiles of those in the sport industry you'd like to be one day. We make your life easy, bringing you hundreds of detailed career profiles on individuals working in the sport industry. You might be relieved to find out you’re not alone in these questions. Sport industry leaders, professionals, and professors have all been in your shoes at some point. And now that they’ve made it in the field, they have crucial insights on the industry they want to share with you.

Follow Journeys Of Those That Succeeded

Browse our curated content of interviews, advice columns, how-to videos, and other multimedia from successful sport management professionals themselves—they do more than talk the talk, they walk the walk. Get in on their insights today! This section of the SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub brings you sport industry career profiles of people working in sport in one way or another.

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