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Industry Profiles

Lindsay Smith Continues Her Reign As Assistant Manager Of Sport At Whitehorse 2020 Arctic Winter Games

Amanda Hope | February 3, 2020
Lindsay Smith is the Assistant Manager of Sport for the 2020 Arctic Games in Whitehorse. Her main roles include overseeing the sport division portfolio; more specifically sporting schedules, sport equipment purchasing, sport technical, sport officials, and mission services. Every day poses a different challenge to overcome but she lets us...
Industry Profiles

Football Canada’s Director Of Sport Aaron Geisler, A Poli Sci Major, Melded Football With Interest In Government

Rikesh Mistry | October 25, 2019
Aaron Geisler is the Director of Sport at Football Canada, the governing body for amateur Canadian football. Football Canada has been on the rise for the past several years. Recently, I had the chance to have a conversation with Aaron about his various roles such as coach, player development and...

Cannabis In Sport – A Comprehensive Guide

SPMA | October 21, 2019
Time has spoken. Canada just reached a mary-j-or (major) cannabis-related milestone. No, it’s not 420. It’s the second anniversary of The Cannabis Act’s enactment. Yup, that's right. Hard to believe it's been two years right? On October 17, 2018, marijuana became legal in Canada for recreational use. That lead to an...

Sport Is A Powerful Political Tool! 10 Reasons Why Governments Get Involved With Sport

SPMA | September 17, 2019
We all love sports. Whether we are high performance athletes, current or aspiring sport management professionals or simply just love watching the game, sports play a large role in many lives of people around the world. And the reasons why we become so involved in sport are obvious - social...

Canadian Politicians and Sport: Seizing the Unique Raptors NBA Finals Opportunity in

SPMA | June 5, 2019
If you haven’t heard, the Toronto Raptors are in the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. Many Canadian politicians are using this unique sport opportunity to get a moment of glory in the public eye. Mayor of Toronto John Tory And John Tory, the current mayor of...

Ontario’s Investment in Sport Comes with Alcohol, Gambling and Fighting

SPMA | May 22, 2019
Today's Ontario government has its eye on sport using a lens that differs from the past. A few weeks ago, we ran two stories about the Ontario government’s involvement in sport. The first was about Ontario’s plan for sport after the Para/Pan Am Games under the former Liberal government. The...

Think About Sport Law When Watching UFC

SPMA | May 11, 2019
With all this talk by the Ontario government to maximize boxing and mixed martial arts, I can't help but look at how sport and society mesh. I also could not ignore concepts learned in a course I took called Sport Law when I saw this. Adding injury to insult (no...

The Full Legalization of Sports Betting in Canada Could Be Coming to Reality

SPMA | April 21, 2019
Sports betting in its fullest form could be coming to Canada very soon! We explore the who, what, where, when, why, and how this may be a possibility. Sports betting in Canada has been a reserved underground operation, hiding from the public eye to generate revenue for enterprises. However, in...

Ontario’s New Plan for Sport Under a New Government

SPMA | April 18, 2019
When Doug Ford was elected in June of 2018, many expected changes to how the provincial government overseas sport. After all, a new government, headed by a new party signals a new direction. And after 14+ years of a Liberal-led government, the path the new one is taking has our...

Politics, Politicians, Elections, and Sport: Justin Trudeau Visits Raptors

SPMA | April 11, 2019
Background Sport has been used as a politic weapon for decades. How do you rouse a nation to back a sport, team, or athlete? You simply bring politics into the sporting equation. From Adolf Hitler and the Olympics to chess during the Cold War, politicians and sports have long gone...

Para/Pan Am Games Sprung A Plan for Sport in Ontario: Game ON

SPMA | April 8, 2019
It was the late summer of 2015. Ontario had just hosted a major multinational sport event. Yes indeed, the Para Am Games took over the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) from July 10 to 26, 2015. Toronto needed a break from the whirlwind of events. Some citizens spent their past 16+...

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