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Industry Profiles

Co-Founder Of Bardown Hockey Apparel Jesse Kirshenbaum’s University Dream Come True

Anthony Clark | October 15, 2019
Jesse Kirshenbaum is a co-founder of Bardown Hockey Apparel. Bardown Hockey Apparel is a well-known hockey clothing brand. As you'll see below, Bardown Hockey Apparel has endorsements from some of the biggest names in hockey, nicknamed "celeb-beauties". Included names are not limited to Ron McLean, Jason Spezza and Alexander Ovechkin....
Industry Profiles

Brooklyn Nets Equipment Manager Joe Cuomo: Equipment Management Is Way More Than Doing Laundry

Amber Somerville | September 30, 2019
Joe Cuomo is an Equipment Manager for the Brooklyn Nets. This means that Joe leads the charge on a myriad of logistical aspects of the Nets organization from equipment and apparel inventory to transport. I first learned of Joe Cuomo during the 2019 NBA Summer League when he was on...

The Positive Inception: Sport Management Graduate Ryan Benoit’s Blossoming Clothing Company

Phil Goldberg | September 23, 2019
Ryan Benoit is the founder and CEO of The Positive Inception Clothing Line and Apparel. When I chatted with one of my favourite interviewees, Claus Souza of the Denver Nuggets, I asked him who he thinks we should interview next. He was eager to suggest Ryan Benoit. Why? According to...
Industry Profiles

2015 Blue Jays Playoff Run Set The Stage For Michelle Young To Become The Team’s Manager of Retail

Mat Israelson | July 21, 2019
Michelle Young is the Manager of Retail for the Toronto Blue Jays. We've known Michelle Young for over a decade. Michelle always loved sports. But unless you really got to know her, you didn't realize just how passionate she was about it. Michelle’s entry into the sport industry is unique....
Studying Sport

Scott Hudson’s Career in Sports Apparel: From Facilities to New Balance to New Era

SPMA | May 24, 2019
We've known Scott Hudson for several years now. He's a quiet and humble, yet personable and smart sport professional. We've followed Scott from his time in college studying sport to the industry where we find him today. From one NEW to the next. He started New Balance a couple of...

Toronto Raptors Players (+ Nick Nurse) Sporting Their Own Logos

SPMA | April 22, 2019
With our base in Canada, we see Toronto pro athletes a lot: on TV, online and on the streets. We've noticed some of the Toronto Raptors key players including Pascal Siakam, Kyle Lowry, Norm Powell, and Fred Van Vleet with their own logos. We've also seen the head coach, Nick...

Dress Codes in Golf Getting Blurry

SPMA | April 16, 2019
The game of golf is one of the oldest sports in the world. In fact, the modern game of golf originated in 15th century Scotland. Historians say that the first 18-hole round was created in 1764 at the Old Course at St. Andrews. It’s always been driven by a clear...

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