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MLSE’s Victoria Malisani Shares The Benefits Of Influencers In The Ever-Changing Sport Industry
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About Public Relations

Here you will find powerful sport industry profiles of leaders working in the realm of public relations. Before you browse, it's important to note that public relations is vast.

Sport public relations is a managerial function. Thus, it helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between:

  • team
  • athlete
  • league
  • organization/company
  • brand
  • publics

Moreover, sport public relations is a comprehensive communications activity. So, working in sport public relations involves interaction with people internal and external to the organization.

Sport public relations is known as communicating with the intent to foster a positive image. So that is why it is integral to the function of a healthy sport property. Sport public relations' main areas are media and community relations.

Firstly, media Relations. Media relations is designed to formulate and shape public opinion via mass media.

Secondly, community relations. Community relations attempts to generate goodwill.

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