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Changing Lives Daily Is What Motivates Executive Director Dwayne Green Of True North Youth Foundation

Anthony Clark | January 22, 2020
Dwayne Green is the Executive Director of the True North Youth Foundation of True North Sports and Entertainment (the NHL's Winnipeg Jets and the AHL's Manitoba Moose). Dwayne is passionate about helping the youth of Manitoba, and his work with the True North Youth Foundation shows that. He speaks about...
Industry Profiles

Kory Harnum Creates Beneficial Connections For Jets & Winnipeg Communities

Stacey Leawood | November 28, 2019
Kory Harnum, Community Relations Manager of the Winnipeg Jets and True North Sports + Entertainment, has been with TNSE for three seasons now! His job is to oversee any of the community initiatives that the team takes part in. From organizing toy drives, to visiting schools and raising money for...
Industry Profiles

Autumn Spicer Manages Community Events In & Around Las Vegas For WNBA’s Aces With Rigor & Passion

Mat Israelson | November 20, 2019
Autumn Spicer, Community Relations Manager for the Las Vegas Aces, is in charge of overseeing Las Vegas Aces player and coach appearances, as well as managing donation requests and calendar planning. Basically, it’s her responsibility to ensure that the team maintains a relationship within the community during the season and...
Industry Profiles

Zak Zumbiel Fosters Alliance Between Local Youth & Tampa Bay Buccaneers Through Football

SPMA | November 15, 2019
Zak Zumbiel, Senior Coordinator of Youth Relations with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, focuses his attention on Youth Outreach events and projects mostly centering around flag football and military outreach. Though he is new to the position, Zak brings along with him his experience from working in previous positions such as...
Industry Profiles

Laura Fazzina, Community Relations Coordinator Gives Back With The Carolina Hurricanes

Hayley Michie | November 4, 2019
Laura Fazzina, Community Relations Coordinator with the Carolina Hurricanes, helps to run a variety of initiatives to support the community including donation programs and charity drives. I first heard about Laura through a friend who follows the NHL's annual Hockey Fights Cancer event. Then, I began to follow Laura. As...
Industry Profiles

Pirates Community Relations & Marketing Coordinator Mary Lanzino Brings Lightning To Pittsburgh

Amanda Hope | October 28, 2019
Mary Lanzino is the Coordinator of Community Relations and Marketing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, a job that spans out across the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I first learned of Lanzino when she was a Production and Live Events Assistant with the Tampa Bay Lightning, a team that’s sold out over...
Industry Profiles

From Rufus, Former Charlotte Bobcats Mascot To Hornets Manager of Literacy Programs: Dave Stogdill

Phil Goldberg | October 23, 2019
Dave Stogdill is the Manager of the Literacy Program for the Charlotte Hornets. The Literacy Program for the Charlotte Hornets is tucked within the Department of Corporate Social Responsibility. So when Gabrielle Sims, the Charlotte Hornets CSR Coordinator suggested we interview Dave Stogdill, I jumped on the chance. That's because...
Industry Profiles

Sporty Jeralds Tooty Ta’s Between Community Relations For Charlotte Hornets & Teaching

David Minor | October 23, 2019
Adonis "Sporty" Jeralds is a professor in Sport and Entertainment Management at the University of South Carolina. He also works within the Community Relations department with the Charlotte Hornets. I had the opportunity to interview Sporty Jeralds. Sporty is a funny, authentic, passionate, and caring instructor who brings a wealth...
Industry Profiles

Zach Galia Directs Social Media For The NFL’s Arizona Cardinals From Instagram To Reddit & TikTok

Mat Israelson | October 21, 2019
Zachary Galia is the Director of Social Media for the NFL's Arizona Cardinals, and today I had the pleasure of getting to know more about him and his position. I knew we had to get him on the SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub after seeing some of the unique posts across...
Industry Profiles

Spurs FC Soccer Communications Manager Preston Petri Discusses Path Working In Sport

Hayley Michie | October 16, 2019
Preston Petri is the Soccer Communications Manager at Spurs Sports & Entertainment. In his Soccer Communications role, Preston is the go-between for the organization and anybody else looking to interact with members of the organization. Preston not only gets the chance to build relationships with members of the media, but...
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About Public Relations

Here you will find powerful sport industry profiles of leaders working in the realm of public relations. Before you browse, it's important to note that public relations is vast.

Sport public relations is a managerial function. Thus, it helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between:

  • team
  • athlete
  • league
  • organization/company
  • brand
  • publics

Moreover, sport public relations is a comprehensive communications activity. So, working in sport public relations involves interaction with people internal and external to the organization.

Sport public relations is known as communicating with the intent to foster a positive image. So that is why it is integral to the function of a healthy sport property. Sport public relations' main areas are media and community relations.

Firstly, media Relations. Media relations is designed to formulate and shape public opinion via mass media.

Secondly, community relations. Community relations attempts to generate goodwill.

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