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Industry Profiles

The Youngest Woman Ever Certified As An NBA Agent, Colby Schinto, Chats With Us

Hayley Michie | October 14, 2019
Well... this is a first for us. We've never had an agent featured on our SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub! So, when I first reached out to one after seeing her amazing stuff, I was hoping she'd agree. I couldn't be more pleased that she, Colby Schinto, agreed to chat. Colby...
Industry Profiles

OHL Director Of Player Recruitment Kyle Pereira Plays A Pivotal Role In Alumni Relations & Much More

Anthony Clark | October 10, 2019
Kyle Pereira is the Director of Player Recruitment of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL). Kyle actually played in the OHL from 2008 to 2012 for the Brampton Battalion and the Guelph Storm. Kyle Pereira is a graduate of the OHL's program and knows what it takes to provide the same...
Industry Profiles

For Angel McGee, Working For Kansas City Royals & 2020 Super Bowl Winning Chiefs Goes Beyond The Field

Dekota Kirby | October 7, 2019
Angel McGee is the Manager of Communications and Outreach of the Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy for the Kansas City Royals. In the fall/winter, Angel McGee is the Field Coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs. When one season ends, the next begins for Angel. My favourite thing about talking...
Industry Profiles

Dani Aravich Moves From Sales To Community Relations With Utah Jazz To Pursue 2020 Paralympics

Mat Israelson | September 6, 2019
Dani Aravich is now a Community Relations (CR) Associate with the Utah Jazz. After achieving tremendous success with the Utah Jazz Sales & Service Academy, Dani decided to move to the team's CR department. Our interest in Dani's story began with a LinkedIn post shared about her move. The post...
Industry Profiles

Gabrielle Sims, Charlotte Hornets Sr. Coordinator of CSR Is Building A Bridge Between Community & Team

Mat Israelson | August 12, 2019
Gabrielle Sims is now the Senior Coordinator of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the Charlotte Hornets. She's well into her fourth season with the organization. Her awesome work with the Hornets caught our attention. Some of that work came before making the leap into CSR four months ago. Previously, Gabrielle...
Industry Profiles

From Classmate to Niagara IceDogs Hockey Executive: Nino Bourikas

Mat Israelson | July 18, 2019
Nino Bourikas is the Director of Community Marketing and Group Sales for the Niagara IceDogs Hockey Club. The IceDogs are one of the most illustrious minor hockey teams in the world. For an Ontario Hockey League (OHL) team, their city rallies behind them like few others. I've known Nino for...
Industry Profiles

How a Drama Background and Passion for Theatre Aligns with a Career in Sport: The Story of Shelby Vilneff

Phil Goldberg | July 4, 2019
Wonder if a background in theatre and a career in sport mesh? Shelby Vilneff is the Director of Marketing, Communications & Events for the Guelph Nighthawks. At the same time, she's also the Game Day Manager for another team in the same league: the Hamilton Honey Badgers. How is that...
Industry Profiles

Community Partnerships & Events Manager Samantha Brewer Is Shaping Hamilton Pro Sport

Amber Somerville | June 25, 2019
We had the pleasure of chatting with a leader in professional sport for forming community partnerships, Samantha Brewer. Brewer is currently the Community Partnerships and Events Manager for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Forge FC. And just in case you didn’t know, Hamilton is a fairly decent sized city on the...
Studying Sport

Golden State Warriors Use of Social Media

SPMA | June 11, 2019
Social media and athletes have also been inseparable. And in the last 5-10 years the same can be said about professional sport teams. One of those teams is the Golden State Warriors. The Golden State Warriors have been by far the most dominant team in the National Basketball Association (NBA) over...
Industry Profiles

GTHL Marketing & Communications Coordinator Adrienne Middlebrook: A Path Paved Via Volunteering

Haley Morey | June 10, 2019
Adrienne Middlebrook is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the world's largest minor hockey league, the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL). We became very interested in finding more info about Adrienne Middlebrook. Interest came after we noticed her wealth of volunteer experience in the sport industry. So we arranged a...
Industry Profiles

Dallas Mavericks Apprentice Laura Sorto’s Path to Working in Sport Public Relations

SPMA | June 6, 2019
After doing a little research on public relations departments across the world of sport, we zeroed in on the Dallas Mavericks. The reason being: they seem to genuinely care about media needs. Plus, we are Shark Tank fans and of course, their owner is Mark Cuban. Laura Sorto's official title...
Studying Sport

Community Relations in Sport: An Area To Explore?

SPMA | May 16, 2019
Community relations are an area in the sport industry that you may wish to venture into. If so, you'll need to know what skills you need to be a community relations manager for a sport organization. We've got you covered. Read below to find out! There is little doubt that...
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About Public Relations

Here you will find powerful sport industry profiles of leaders working in the realm of public relations. Before you browse, it's important to note that public relations is vast.

Sport public relations is a managerial function. Thus, it helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between:

  • team
  • athlete
  • league
  • organization/company
  • brand
  • publics

Moreover, sport public relations is a comprehensive communications activity. So, working in sport public relations involves interaction with people internal and external to the organization.

Sport public relations is known as communicating with the intent to foster a positive image. So that is why it is integral to the function of a healthy sport property. Sport public relations' main areas are media and community relations.

Firstly, media Relations. Media relations is designed to formulate and shape public opinion via mass media.

Secondly, community relations. Community relations attempts to generate goodwill.

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