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Black NHL Players & The Continued Push To Change Hockey Culture

Emma Greer | 5 months ago
Let me start off by saying, this article isn't meant to put Black NHL players in a box, but to bring awareness to the racism that still lives within hockey culture and the work that is being done to change it. Also, to give a visual of the very short...
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About Diversity

Diversity in sport is a key trend. And that is why we highlight it here!

Leaders and managers of sport organizations are working with an increasingly diverse workforce.

Having a well-rounded company with people of diverse ethnicities, races and genders lead to strong organizations.

Sport properties know this and many are hiring with their eye on this trend. In fact, we think this is more than just a trend.

A number of sport organizations recently posted and hired to fill roles of maintaining organizational diversity. For example, the Toronto Raptors hired a Vice President of Culture and Inclusion.

We make it our priority to ask interviewees questions about diversity. When we get answers, we build content for this section.

So, close this popup and discover which, how and why sport organizations and professionals are making diversity a top priority.

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