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The SnaP: Membership Experience With Marlins Director Brian Jemison

Membership Experience

Episode 14

Brian Jemison

Director of Membership Experience

Miami Marlins

Welcome to the fourteenth episode of The SnaP, a SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub digital show, featuring voices from the sport industry.

This week we are talking to Brian Jemison, the Director of Membership Experience for the Miami Marlins. He works to create memorable moments for fans through events, meet and greets and more!

Brian has an extensive background in sales and marketing and shares some insight on working in such a competitive industry. He even gives us insight into some of the keys to selling!

Brian also talked about having a sports mentality, being competitive and hardworking and brining that into other industries. He says that that kind of drive is extremely transferable, and beneficial across all industries. 

Brian believes that it’s important to have passion and actually back up your beliefs with actions. Brian is a big believer in “walking the walk,” and putting actions behind your words. This is one of the many reasons why he is so successful in what he does.

To end off, Brian told us the importance of networking in this industry and reaching out to people you admire. Well, we definitely admire Brian and we are so glad he was able to tell us his story!

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