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Unveiling The Intuit Dome: A New Era for Clippers Basketball


Since bidding farewell to the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in 1999, the Clippers have searched for a true home. The Staples Center, now the Arena, never quite felt like theirs. But all that’s about to change with the unveiling of The Intuit Dome, the new Clippers arena set to redefine the basketball experience.

A Visionary Creation

With a vision to create the ultimate basketball sanctuary, Clippers’ owner Steve Ballmer embarked on a mission to build a venue that transcends the ordinary. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on September 17, 2021, marking the beginning of an ambitious project. Ballmer described a goal for the new arena to be a “basketball palazzo,” symbolizing his aspiration for grandeur and excellence.

A Partnership with Intuit

A significant milestone was reached with the announcement of a 23-year naming rights deal with Mountain View, California-based financial software company Intuit. The deal, valued at least $500 million, solidified the arena’s identity as the Intuit Dome, a testament to the power of corporate partnerships in shaping the sports landscape.

Grand Opening with Bruno Mars

The anticipation grew as it was announced that Bruno Mars would open Intuit Dome with back-to-back shows on August 15 and 16, 2024. This star-studded event marked the beginning of a new chapter for Clippers basketball and set the stage for an unforgettable inaugural season.

Design and Features

The Intuit Dome promises to be more than just an arena; it’s a multifaceted complex designed to cater to every aspect of the fan experience. The 18,000-seat arena, designed by AECOM, will feature state-of-the-art amenities, including a practice facility, sports medicine clinic, and team offices. Renderings of the proposed arena showcase its sleek and modern design, setting a new standard for sports venues.

Community Engagement

The Clippers have demonstrated their commitment to the community with initiatives like the display of basketball jerseys from high schools across California on the arena’s rafters. This project not only celebrates the rich history of basketball in the state but also fosters a sense of pride and belonging among fans.

Luxury and Convenience

In addition to its world-class facilities, The Intuit Dome will prioritize fan comfort and convenience. With over 1,100 toilets and urinals – three times the league average – fans can return to their seats quicker instead of waiting in long lines. The arena’s proximity to hotels like the Fairfield by Marriott and the Ayra Hotel further enhances the fan experience, offering convenience and luxury for visitors.

Embracing the Future

As The Intuit Dome prepares to open its doors, it symbolizes more than just a new home for the Clippers; it represents a vision for the future of sports entertainment. With its innovative design, sustainable practices, and commitment to community engagement, the arena sets a new standard for what a sports venue can be.

Welcome to The Intuit Dome

As fans eagerly await the grand opening of The Intuit Dome, they can look forward to a new era of Clippers basketball and a truly unforgettable experience. Welcome to the future of sports entertainment. Welcome to The Intuit Dome.

The Economic Impact

Beyond its architectural marvels and fan-centric design, The Intuit Dome is poised to have a significant economic impact on the surrounding area. With its location in Inglewood, the arena is expected to drive tourism and spur development in the region. Hotels, restaurants, and businesses are likely to flourish as fans flock to experience Clippers games and other events at The Intuit Dome. This influx of visitors will not only benefit local businesses but also contribute to job creation and economic growth in the community.

Community Engagement

The Intuit Dome isn’t just a venue for basketball; it’s a community hub. With its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, the arena sets an example for environmentally conscious living. Additionally, The Intuit Dome aims to engage with the local community through various outreach programs and initiatives. From youth basketball clinics to charitable events, the arena seeks to make a positive impact on the lives of those in the surrounding area. By fostering a sense of belonging and unity, The Intuit Dome strengthens its ties to the community and becomes more than just a sports venue – it becomes a symbol of hope and opportunity.

Innovation and Technology

Innovation is at the core of The Intuit Dome’s design. From its state-of-the-art video board to its advanced seating features, the arena harnesses the latest technology to enhance the fan experience. The Halo-shaped video board, with its immersive display capabilities, immerses fans in the action like never before. Meanwhile, the arena’s smart seating design ensures maximum comfort and convenience for spectators. With amenities like wireless transactions and cashless concessions, The Intuit Dome sets a new standard for sports venues, embracing technology to deliver a seamless and futuristic experience.

The Future of Sports Entertainment

As The Intuit Dome prepares to open its doors to the public, it marks a new chapter in the history of sports entertainment. With its innovative design, sustainable practices, and commitment to community engagement, the arena sets a new standard for what a sports venue can be. As fans gather to cheer on the Clippers and enjoy a myriad of events and activities, they’ll be stepping into more than just an arena – they’ll be stepping into the future of sports entertainment. So, as we eagerly anticipate the grand opening of The Intuit Dome, let’s celebrate the dawn of a new era in Clippers basketball and the beginning of a thrilling journey into the future of sports.

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