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Clipped: Hulu’s Show About the Clippers & Donald Sterling’s Downfall


That’s right, there’s a show about Donald Sterling and the Los Angeles Clippers ownership coming to Hulu on June 4, 2024.

Crime, scandal, and a power struggle—the Hulu series “Clipped” encapsulates all these elements and more, delving into the tumultuous exit of Donald Sterling, the disgraced former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Donald Sterling was the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers from 1981 until 2014 when his ownership came to an abrupt and controversial end.

In April 2014, recordings of Sterling making racist remarks were leaked to the public, causing widespread outrage. In the recordings, Sterling made derogatory comments about African Americans, which led to a firestorm of criticism and condemnation from players, fans, and the NBA community as a whole.

The NBA swiftly responded by banning Sterling for life from any association with the league and imposing a $2.5 million fine, the maximum allowed under NBA rules. Additionally, the league initiated proceedings to force Sterling to sell the Clippers.

The trailer for the upcoming show on Hulu about Donald Sterling, the former Los Angeles Clippers owner just dropped. Check it out.

From court-side drama to off-court controversies, “Clipped” promises to be a gripping ride, featuring Ed O’Neill stepping into the shoes of the infamous Sterling in a limited series that explores the dark underbelly of sports ownership.

In “Clipped,” set against the backdrop of 2013, Ed O’Neill portrays Donald Sterling, while Laurence Fishburne takes on the role of Doc Rivers, the Clippers’ head coach at the time. As Sterling’s racist remarks spark a firestorm of outrage, the series delves into the ensuing power struggle between Sterling, Rivers, players, and the NBA.

Jacki Weaver embodies Shelly Sterling, Donald’s wife and longtime business partner, while Cleopatra Coleman portrays V. Stiviano, the assistant and mistress whose actions ultimately lead to Sterling’s downfall.

Based on ESPN’s acclaimed “30 for 30” podcast “The Sterling Affairs,” “Clipped” is the brainchild of Gina Welch, known for her work on “Feud” Season 1 and “The Terror.” With a stellar cast and a gripping storyline ripped from the headlines, the series promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Directed by Kevin Bray and featuring an ensemble cast including Kelly AuCoin, Rich Sommer, and Harriet Sansom Harris, “Clipped” premieres exclusively on Hulu this June, offering viewers an inside look at one of the most scandalous chapters in sports history.

The upcoming show on Hulu explores the events leading up to Donald Sterling’s downfall, the fallout from the scandal, and the broader implications it had on the NBA and society. Indeed, anticipation builds for “Clipped” and it insantly emerges as a must-watch series for anyone in the sport management industry that shines a spotlight on the dark side of sports ownership.

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