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Industry Profiles

Austin Moss: The Glue That Supports San Francisco 49ers Players

Hayley Michie | 4 years ago
Austin Moss, Director of Player Engagement for the San Francisco 49ers, helps the players to develop support systems and build relationships outside of the NFL experience. Each day he checks in with the players to make sure that they are doing well and to assist them in all areas of...
Industry Profiles

Former University Coach Gustavo Ruthes Talks About An Athlete’s ‘Perfect Mind’

Amber Somerville | 4 years ago
Gustavo Ruthes, Owner & Mental Performance Consultant at Perfect Mind Consulting - Training & Coaching, provides athletes and sports organizations with the tools that they need to stay in the right frame of mind so that they can increase their chances of success in sport, education, and/or career. In sport,...

Fake Natties: UK Sport Business Master’s Candidate Yuekun (李岳坤) Li Investigates

SPMA | 4 years ago
Yuekun (李岳坤) Li is a Sport Business and Innovation master's candidate in the United Kingdom. He's passionate about sports, health, fitness, and business. To converge his interests, Yuekun is dedicated to bringing attention to a phenomenon called fake natties, which he believes pervade YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social...
Industry Profiles

From Auburn To The NBA: Nuggets Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach Claus Souza

Phil Goldberg | 4 years ago
Claus Souza is an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Denver Nuggets. Claus took to Instagram to make the announcement about 5 weeks ago, which timed perfectly with Nick Reick's recommendation to interview him. Before that, Claus was the popular and gregarious strength coach for the Auburn Women's Basketball...
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