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Sea Dog’s GM & President Trevor Georgie Possesses Same Natural Abilities He Had In High School

Sam Bougha | 12 months ago
Trevor Georgie is the President & General Manager of the Saint John Sea Dogs. When he was hired as President in 2016, he was actually the youngest in the Canadian Hockey League (CHL). That says something about this man. Also, prior to getting this position in 2016 with the Saint...
Industry Profiles

Tariq Sbiet’s Role In Growing Canadian Hoops Through NPH & NPA

Sam Bougha | 12 months ago
Tariq Sbiet is the CEO of North Pole Hoops (NPH) and National Prep Association (NPA). Both organizations have played a vital role in the development of Canadian basketball talent. If this past NBA draft was any indication, homegrown talent is becoming more and more common. A lot of the credit...

Raptors 905 Mentor Coach Justin Alliman Is Helping Young Basketball Talent Chase Their Dreams

Sam Bougha | 1 year ago
Justin Alliman is a Global Basketball Development Coordinator. Justin runs an international basketball organization called Dream Chaserzzz. At the same time, he's a Mentor Coach for the Raptors 905. Not to mention, he represents the NBA on many international initiatives. Justin Alliman is destined for NBA greatness. He's been a...