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Most of my experiences in sport, whether they were work or volunteer experiences, came from utilizing the connections I have made with people within the industry through networking.

Kelsey Fahie

Coordinator, Programs and Resources

Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE)

× The interview with Kelsey Fahie was conducted via a typed conversation. Editing changes were made to make it easier to read while maintaining the voice of the interview.

Before we begin, give us a little update on how your job has changed since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.

The work I normally do has changed due to the pandemic.

A lot of what I was working on was heavily influenced by the academic year and students being in school. Since schools have closed, many of my projects have been put on hold.

Thankfully, we created the PHE Home Learning Centre, wherein I have been able to create activities for teachers to give to parents to use with their children at home to facilitate home learning. This has kept me very busy during the pandemic.

I’m optimistic about the future of the sport industry because we know that life will return to a level of normalcy once a vaccine is created. People love and miss consuming sport, and I think that once we are able to return to doing our jobs in the way in which they were intended, we will have gained a new perspective and new tools to administer our work in creative and innovative ways.

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