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The SnaP

A Digital Show

A Digital Show

Featuring voices of the sport industry
A SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub digital show, featuring voices from the sport industry, hosted by Anastasiya Romanska. The show probes a snapshot into their lives by providing a visual with auditory experience.

Episode #7


Featuring Laura Okmin


In this episode, we chat with the renowned reporter and women in sport GALvanizer Laura Okmin. We chatted about building relationships in sport med...

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Episode #6

Baseball's Back

Featuring Vince Gennaro

Global Sport Expert

This week, we’re to talking baseball economist Vince Gennaro. Vince is the Associate Dean at NYU Tisch Institute for Global Sport. As well as the...

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Episode #5

The Main Event

Featuring Don Costante

Sport Event Expert

In this episode, we chat with Don Costante, the Senior Director of Event Presentation and Production for the Kansas City Royals. Since 1994, Don ha...

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Episode #4

The Triple Double

Featuring Ben Uzoh

Former NBA Player & Current G League Assistant Coach

This week we’re talking with Ben Uzoh. Yup, that Ben Uzoh. Many Toronto Raptor fans know Ben Uzoh as the first player in 11 years to record a tri...

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Episode #3

Beaming Under The Lights

Featuring Peng-Peng Lee

Gymnast & Actor

Joining us this week is artistic gymnast and NCAA champion Peng-Peng Lee. Who has also now ventured into the world of entertainment with her YouTub...

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Episode #2

Coaching Responsibly

Featuring Lorraine Lafrenière

CEO Of Coaching Association Of Canada

On this week’s show, we talk with the CEO of the Coaching Association of Canada, Lorraine Lafreniere. Lorraine is a leader in the sport industry ...

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Episode #1

The Icebreaker

Featuring Elvis Stojko

Legendary Figure Skater

On this week’s show, we catch up with a legend in the figure skating world, Elvis Stojko. Now an actor, Elvis shares a heartwarming story about a...

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A digital show featuring voices of the sport industry.

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