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The SnaP: Diving Into The President Role With Lee Michaud

USA Diving

Episode 20

Lee Michaud


USA Diving

Welcome to the twentieth episode of The SnaP, a SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub digital show, featuring voices from the sport industry.

President of USA Diving, Lee Michaud is a champion in the sport and business industries. He joined us today to talk all about his competitive career and what it’s like working for the organization that he used to compete for! He said he was ready to start a new chapter after he left, but returning to USA Diving felt like coming home.

He loves working in this industry because it is a blend of two of his passions- sports and business. Although he doesn’t always see himself in this role, he definitely wants to continue working in sport, and maybe become a coach someday.

He says that USA Diving and all sports organizations will have to adapt and innovate to move through the pandemic. Lee knows how hard it is not to be able to compete and understands that athletes are disappointed. He strongly believes the USA Diving team is amazing this year so definitely check them out!

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