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The SnaP: Sport Talks With SportProfz

Sport Talks With SportProfz

Episode 17

SportTokz with SportProfz


Welcome to the seventeenth episode of The SnaP, a SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub digital show, featuring voices from the sport industry.

Editor’s note: Though Anastasiya Romanska is the credited author, this post was amended by our editing team.

We love podcasts. That’s why we are just about ready to launch of massive one-of-kind-podcast curation system for sport business content.

A few months ago, Hayley Michie and Mat Israelson went searching for sport business podcasts and found many. They curated their findings into a detailed post. You can find it here.

One of those found is SportTokz with SportProfz. SportTokz with SportProfz is a podcast created by two Ryerson University School (located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) of sport media professors, Laurel Walzak and Joe Recupero. They regularly with guests, particularly of sports media people from Canada about the current sports climate.

As the pandemic grew longer, SportTokz with SportProfz diversified its content and began to offer an online community where students can socialize and talk about sports with their professors and people from the industry.

We wanted to chat with some of the key players on their team and do just that in this episode of The SnaP.

Obviously, we have professor Laurel Walzak and professor Joe Recupero in on that chat with Anastasiya Romanska. We also have Dan Berlin and Chelsea Vernhout joining us. Dan Berlin is a sports journalist, an instructor at Ryerson University and “The Coach” on SportTokz with SportProfz. Chelsea Vernhout is SportTokz with SportProfz’s producer, editor and social media coordinator.

It’s exciting to have one of our favourite podcasts on, as a precursor to our podcast curation system coming out in October. It’s a great chat, with Anastasiya asking the key players of SportTokz with SportProfz how the whole project began, growing it to what it’s become and looking at the future once the pandemic is over.

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