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The SnaP: USA Curling's CEO Jeff Plush

USA Curling

Episode 19

Jeff Plush

Chief Executive Officer

USA Curling

Welcome to the nineteenth episode of The SnaP, a SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub digital show, featuring voices from the sport industry.

Jeff Plush is the new CEO of USA Curling! He has over 25 years of experience in the sports business industry and an amazing track record to show for it.

Prior to his current role, Jeff was the commissioner of the National Women’s Soccer League. He had a huge impact in that role, including a 2017 deal with A+E Networks. This was the league’s first season-long television deal. 

Jeff talked to us about why that was an important decision and his life-long love of soccer. We discussed his transition into curling, which unfortunately happened right as COVID-19 began. Jeff described what the first seven months have looked like in his new role and how he is hoping to grow it in the future.

Jeff told us why he loves the sports business industry and we even had a little friendly rivalry about Canadian versus American Curling, because who doesn’t love some healthy competition?!

We are very excited to see Jeff Plush thrive in this new role!

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