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What We Offer

SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub is the ultimate one-stop-shop for SPort business jobs, resources and marketing services in the United States of America.

Job Board

Recruit top-notch candidates seeking to work in sport. Our sport-specific job board links candidates to employers and vice versa.

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Follow an assortment of career in sport advice resources and employer insight. Or be inspired by industry profiles, trends, studying sport, the player side of sport, and curated content.

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Marketing Services

Make your vision come to life and market your sport product, service or brand to achieve maximum impact.

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COVID Conscious

As with many other industries, the sporting industry has been impacted by COVID-19. In our interviews and other information, we try to keep up-to-date with the latest COVID-19 information. We recognize the situation is constantly evolving and make every attempt to incorporate the most updated information. On SPMA Marketing, we have our COVID commitment, ensuring fair, competitive and freelance prices and agency results. And on SPMA Jobs, we grant employers a generous free trial.

Our Team

SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub is a team of sport-oriented individuals sharing their stories and expertise in the dynamic and competitive sports industry. SPMA team members continue to network and showcase their skills, providing relevant and innovative information on a variety of platforms. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of our contributors provide unique and interesting insight. We are excited to give a voice to the many talented sport business contributors on our team as they continue to provide insight into the evolving business of sport. We hope that our stories and experiences provide the resources and motivations to build your career in sport.

Natasha Borota and Masai Uri


Mat Israelson


Emma Greer


Jaelyn Terrion


Hayley Michie

Sport Management Business Industry Job Board

Job Board

CONNECTING JOB SEEKERS to meaningful sport industry careers with the EMPLOYERS who seek candidates with the SKILLS, PASSION, and DESIRE necessary for working in sport. We feature job opportunities in sport across the United States of America.

CONNECTING EMPLOYERS to candidates with the SKILLS, PASSION, and DESIRE necessary for working in sport.


We produce and share sport industry-specific information in a variety of ways. From career advice to employer resources to industry profiles to insight on trends and studying sport, to curated content, our mission of being the top hub for sport management is being fulfilled.

Natasha Borota and Masai Uri
Natasha Borota and Masai Uri

Marketing Services

With sport industry-specific marketing experience, we can help your sports brand or organization as we done for our current clients. SPMA Marketing is a white glove sport marketing agency equipped with handling all of your IT and sport marketing needs, wants and desires.

Coming Soon

Based on feedback from our subscribers, we are constantly adding features of interest. Check for upcoming features and please feel free to contact us with any ideas of features you would like to see.

Natasha Borota and Masai Uri

Our Roadmap

Our services roadmap helps us share what we’re working on next and the direction that we’re taking with the SPort MAnagement (SPMA) Hub.

Recently Released

  1. A brand new home page that makes our offerings clear.
  2. An abundance of original content, beyond industry profiles.
  3. Job board sign in experience (in beta).
  4. Formal application process on job board (in beta).
  5. The Shelf re-launched
  6. SPMA Jobs: Job board listings
  7. Player Side Of Sport launched
  8. SPMA Marketing, detailed information.

Currently working on

  1. Finalization of newsletter.
  2. Allow candidate and employer to interact on the site via a live messenger.
  3. Allow candidates to easily print their own resume (and employers to print candidate resumes).
  4. Allow candidates to arrange the placement and order of sections on their resume.
  5. Allow anyone to submit their sport business podcast.

Working on next

  1. Allow candidates choice in allowing their resumes to display for search engines.
  2. Toggle to allow for public preview links of resumes.

Future features

  1. Cross platform integration between players, main and jobs.

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