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Inspiring Athletes: In The Game & Out Of The Game  

Kailee Tones | 1 year ago
Athletes, artists, actors, writers, and friends inspire me every day. Though, what classifies inspiring athletes? To some, it's all in the game, how well they play and what their ranking is. For others, it’s their personal life which could be family, politics, what movements they are involved in etc. To...

Mike Grier – NHL Player to First Black General Manager

Kailee Tones | 1 year ago
It’s possible that Mike Grier's love of sports could have sprouted from his father, Bobby Grier. His father was the Associate Director of Pro Scouting for football players to join the Houston Texans. Bobby Grier was also a running backs coach and the vice president of player personnel for the...
Industry Profiles

Women’s Sports Movies: 5 Inspiring Films With A Female Lead

Kailee Tones | 1 year ago
Growing up, sports were very much a part of my childhood. My parents grew up the same way I did in the sense that they tried just about every sport out there. Some stuck, and some didn’t. I recall watching some of my favourite women's sports movies as a kid like...
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