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A Playful Exchange: Gradey Dick and Anthony Black’s Comedic Jersey Swap


In a recent showdown against the Toronto Raptors, the Orlando Magic delivered not only a commanding victory but also a moment of comedic brilliance, courtesy of rookies Gradey Dick and Anthony Black. Following their team’s resounding 111-96 win, the two budding stars engaged in the time-honored tradition of jersey swapping, but what ensued was far from ordinary—it was downright hilarious.

Jersey swaps have become an iconic tradition in sports, transcending competition to symbolize mutual respect, camaraderie, and the bonds forged between athletes. Beyond the numbers on the scoreboard, these exchanges represent a moment of genuine connection between players, regardless of team allegiance. It’s a gesture that speaks volumes about the camaraderie and sportsmanship inherent in athletics, showcasing the mutual admiration and respect that athletes have for each other’s talents and dedication to the game.

Gradey Dick Jersey Swap with Anthony Black

On May 16, 2023, in Chicago, Illinois, Anthony Black, Gradey Dick, and Leonard Miller were present at the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery held at McCormick Place. Perhaps this is where the plotting of the jersey swap began.

Whether it’s after a hard-fought battle on the court or a moment of triumph in victory, jersey swaps serve as poignant reminders of the human side of sports, where friendships are formed, and rivalries are set aside in the spirit of mutual respect and admiration.

But the Gradey Dick jersey swap hit differently.

As the final buzzer echoed through the arena, signaling the end of the game, Dick and Black wasted no time in initiating their post-game ritual. With smiles stretching from ear to ear, the rookies exchanged jerseys, a gesture symbolizing mutual respect and camaraderie. However, what started as a customary display of sportsmanship soon morphed into something unexpected and uproarious.

Check the video of the Gradey Dick jersey swap below.

In a stroke of comedic genius, Dick and Black seized the opportunity to inject a bit of humor into the exchange. With a mischievous glint in their eyes, they strategically positioned themselves so that when they stood side by side, their last names formed an unintentionally hilarious—and slightly risqué—visual pun. As the cameras captured the moment, fans couldn’t help but erupt into laughter at the clever wordplay unfolding before their eyes.

After Dick and Black swapped jerseys, the Magic shared a tweet featuring the photo, which was eventually removed. To maximize the humor in the photo opportunity, Black consented to switch positions as requested by Dick, shifting from Dick’s left side to the right.

Their infectious side smirks echoed throughout the social media world, turning what could have been a routine jersey swap into a memorable highlight of the game.

As the image of the duo’s playful exchange circulated on social media, it quickly garnered attention for its sheer comedic brilliance. Memes and jokes flooded the internet, further cementing Dick and Black’s status as not only talented athletes but also masters of wit and humor.

Beyond the laughter and lighthearted banter, the Gradey Dick and Anthony Black jersey swap served as a reminder of the camaraderie and camaraderie that binds athletes together. In a sport often defined by intense competition, moments of levity like these offer a refreshing glimpse into the lighter side of the game, reminding us all to embrace the joy and humor that can be found both on and off the court.

As Dick and Black continue to make their mark in the NBA, they’ll undoubtedly look back on this moment with fondness, cherishing the memories of the laughter and camaraderie shared during that unforgettable jersey swap. And for fans everywhere, it will remain a shining example of the power of humor to unite and uplift, even in the midst of fierce competition.

Unfortunately, post game interview with Gradey Dick’s coach Rajakovic do not include any bits about the jersey swap. It’ll be fun to hear what the rest of the league has to say about it in the coming days.

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