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About Our Sales Profiles

Here we bring you powerful sport industry profiles of leaders working in the realm of SALES – including but not limited to VIP services, membership, single game/event tickets, seasons tickets, corporate development, business to business and more!

Industry Profiles

Commissioner Of The SIJHL And President Of The Thunder Bay Border Cats Bryan Graham Wears Many Hats

Anthony Clark | 4 months ago
Bryan Graham is the Commissioner of the Superior International Junior Hockey League (SIJHL). As the title suggests, Bryan Graham wears...
Industry Profiles

Baseball Inspired Cleveland Cavaliers Director of Business Development Jentry Mullins To Make Sports His Career

Amanda Hope | 4 months ago
Jentry Mullins has come a long way since his studies at University of Virginia’s College at Wise where he graduated...
Industry Profiles

Sales Operations Associate Auset Hood Plays An Active Role In ‘MVP Services’ At Los Angeles Clippers Home Games

Amanda Hope | 6 months ago
Auset Hood is a Sales Operations Associate with the Los Angeles Clippers! Hood has two main roles: to assist the...
Industry Profiles

GroundbreakHER Story: Danielle Henry, Account Executive Of Event Sales For MLSE

Haley Morey | 6 months ago
Danielle Henry is an Account Executive for Event Sales with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE). This means that she...
Industry Profiles

From Soccer To Baseball To Soccer, James Bryant Is Director Of Ticket Sales For Colorado Rapids

Anthony Clark | 7 months ago
"Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore!". James "JB" Bryant, is the Director of Ticket Sales for...
Industry Profiles

Christopher Flynn, Senior Manager Of Oakland Athletic “The CORE” On The Program, Mentorship & His Journey

Mat Israelson | 7 months ago
Christopher Flynn is the Senior Manager of the Oakland Athletics sports business academy called "The CORE." Christopher has been with...
Industry Profiles

Austin Claiborne Coordinates Golden State Warriors & Chase Center Investor & VIP Services

Anthony Clark | 8 months ago
Austin Claiborne is the Coordinator of Investor & VIP Services for the Golden State Warriors & Chase Center. Austin has...
Industry Profiles

Business Acumen & Curiosity Led Bobby Phelps Towards Becoming Phoenix Suns Business Development Manager

Rikesh Mistry | 8 months ago
Bobby Phelps is the Manager of Business Development for the Phoenix Suns. Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with...
Industry Profiles

The Linear Path Of Blue Jays Sales Rep Corey Henders: From Stadium Usher & Fan Services

David Minor | 9 months ago
Corey Henders is a Sales Representative with the Toronto Blue Jays. He's been with the organization for nearly 4 years,...
Industry Profiles

Anthony Manserra Sells Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club Tickets To Current And Prospective Fans

David Minor | 9 months ago
Anthony Manserra is an Account Executive, Ticket Sales at Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club. I got to know Anthony quite well...
Industry Profiles

Dani Aravich Moves From Sales To Community Relations With Utah Jazz To Pursue 2020 Paralympics

Mat Israelson | 9 months ago
Dani Aravich is now a Community Relations (CR) Associate with the Utah Jazz. After achieving tremendous success with the Utah...
Industry Profiles

Sea Dog’s GM & President Trevor Georgie Possesses Same Natural Abilities He Had In High School

Sam Bougha | 9 months ago
Trevor Georgie is the President & General Manager of the Saint John Sea Dogs. When he was hired as President...
Industry Profiles

Blue Jays Ticket Sales Coordinator Daniel Marozzo Is Revered By Colleagues For Work Ethic & Resilience

David Minor | 9 months ago
Daniel Marozzo is a Ticket Sales Coordinator with the Toronto Blue Jays and a popular sport management undergrad student. Daniel...