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Detail-Oriented Video Producer Angela Su Captures & Manages Leafs & Argos Footage For MLSE

Detail-Oriented Video Producer Angela Su Captures & Manages Leafs & Argos Footage For MLSE

Angela Su is a Producer with Maple Leaf Sport & Entertainment (MLSE) and has worked with the company since 2016. In her role, she often finds herself doing many different tasks to get the various pieces of content completed. From scheduling to filming, and editing, to giving a piece the “go-ahead” Angela’s role is an incredibly important one. Below we discuss why she first got into the sport industry and how she continues to cultivate ideas for new content. Angela Su is an honest, straightforward, detail-oriented individual. It’s likely due to those characteristics why she’s in the role of Producer for this incredible sport organization. Just as you would any production, sit back, relax and enjoy our profile on the candid and insightful Angela Su!

Please note: This interview with Angela Su was conducted via a typed conversation and supplemented with a phone chat (then transcribed). Editing changes were made to make it easier to read while maintaining the essence of the interview.

Tell us about your role as a Producer for MLSE.

It’s a lot of moving parts. We get an incoming project, think of the idea creatively and bring it to life. You’ll hire the best of the best to create the content the best ever and then post it online for everyone to see.

It’s different day-to-day. Right now, I work road games, daily shows, practice shows, global partnerships and marketing. All around I do many different things. But I usually work with the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Argonauts. What I do is, for example, if Sportsnet wanted to do a Goal Partnership (GP) spot, I would get to work. I would see how the budget is for the project, book the people needed, then I would create a unique concept. From there, I would go to the shooting location, film the piece, then go to the editing room and cut it up with the editor. After that, the editor and I watch it until I say it’s good, and I’ll then send it to the supervising producer. From there, the piece is sent to the GP team.

“It’s a lot! But to summarize a producer’s role, you plan everything, the script, telling the talent the call time, work with the editor at Scotiabank Arena to put the show together.”

Angela Su | Producer | Maple Leaf Sport & Entertainment

What does your typical day to day look like?

Every day is different. For a daily show, which is a practice show, I would write the script the night before, send it off to our talents, editor, chryon team and MAM for them to get eyes on it. After that, I will be at practice to film scrums and links with our talents, send it back to the editor and assemble the show together to have it air.

How do you coordinate to be able to use the facilities when the players are there or aren’t there?

For daily and road games shows, it’s fairly easy. There is a media hotline. When the players are on the ice skating we’ll know from the hotline the times they’ll be on the ice. My team will then go and start setting up and be able to film when they start. We never film anything outside the Leafs morning skates or their practice times. We film with the time they give us. When we work with the players it’s usually just after their morning practice. There aren’t a lot of logistics involved besides communicating with the PR (public relations) team to arrange for any interviews.

How did you get involved in sport?

I always wanted to get into sports; it was something I loved. Growing up, I was a competitive swimmer and fast-pitch player. Due to that, that sparked my interest in sports. I wanted to use my creative skills and also learn something new every day, which is basically this job that I have!

I realized I was meant for this job when I get excited waking up every morning and won’t stop creating or wanting to create.

Angela Su | Producer | Maple Leaf Sport & Entertainment

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your job?

My biggest challenge would be trying to figure new ideas, like all the time [laughs]. I wanted to be different, innovative and think outside the box. There are days you’re stumped and you just need to find new inspirations.

My initial industry perspective was this. I think it seemed like a far-fetched idea at first but I thought to myself, I can do it. Because of that mentality, I pushed boundaries to lead me to where I am today. 

How have you been able to incorporate your past experience and education into your current role?

For sure, it really helps with the language. If you’re able to speak the language with the editor and do a few other roles, it gives you a perspective of what your crew goes for and understand their role.

In your job, you have to work with a team in order to complete the final product. How do you lead your team and make sure everyone is on the same page in order to complete deadlines and ensure the finished product is the best it can be?

Angela Su | Producer | Maple Leaf Sport & Entertainment

Always be on top of everything. Communication is key – if you don’t, it won’t go smoothly as you’ll like. From the beginning until the end, communication is important and to deliver the right messaging always to your crew about your vision but also getting their thoughts. Collaboration is also key. 

If someone wanted to get into the filmmaking and video producing side of sport, I’d suggest network and do as many internships as you can. If you just get lots of volunteer/internships under your belt and knock it out of the park – you will be great at anything you do!


Angela Su is an inspiring individual who I think everyone can connect with on some level, and I had a great time learning about her journey as a Producer with Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. Her story can serve as a piece of advice for those aspiring to start a career in not only filmmaking and video production, but in any field, whether it is in sport, business, or healthcare. A key takeaway from my feature on Angela Su: The most important thing for any successful career is passion and being willing to push yourself.

Angela Su

Interview by David Minor
Graphics & Introduction by Anthony Clark
Posted October 21, 2019 in Your Career in Sport

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