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SIRC Ain’t All That: The Better Alternative For Sport Jobs


Are you looking for exciting sports job opportunities in Canada or seeking top talent for your sports organization? Look no further than Sport Management Hub’s job board! In this article, we will explore why Sport Management Hub (SPMA) is the ultimate alternative to job boards like SIRC. With its tailored approach, user-friendly interface, customization options, and sport-focused candidates, SPMA provides a superior platform for both job seekers and companies looking to hire in the sports industry. Let’s dive in and discover how SPMA is revolutionizing the way sports jobs are found and filled in Canada.

Why Sport Management Hub’s Job Board is the Ultimate Alternative to SIRC for Sports Jobs in Canada

Tailored Approach and Customization

Unlike generic job boards like SIRC, SPMA understands the unique requirements of the sports industry. SPMA offers a tailored approach, specifically catering to job seekers and employers in the sports sector. The platform allows job seekers to create comprehensive resumes tailored to what sport organizations typically look for. With a six-step resume creation process that includes crafting a working in sport objective, sharing social media platforms, outlining education and work experience, highlighting volunteer experience, and articulating certifications, languages, and skills, SPMA ensures that candidates showcase their sport-specific qualifications effectively.

For employers, SPMA’s customization options are a game-changer. The platform provides the ability to visually enhance job listings with splash images and logos, making them more appealing to potential candidates. Employers can choose between using SPMA’s application process or their own application forms, offering flexibility and convenience. This level of customization sets SPMA apart as an alternative to traditional job boards like SIRC, allowing companies to tailor their recruitment process to meet their specific needs.

Sport-Focused Candidates

Not a lot of people outside the sport industry (i.e. people that went to school in Canada for sport management) know what SIRC is. When you are hiring in the sport industry, it’s important to attract diverse candidates. So the fact that only people that went to school for sport management and were taught about the SIRC job board know about it means its reach is limited and you are not doing the best possible job you can to widen your job search.

Also consider that SIRC is limited by the geographical domain (.ca). If a quality sport industry candidate is on vacation, in let’s say New York or California, a Google job search will likely be lost in translation to them if it is posted on SIRC.

When it comes to hiring for sports jobs, SPMA surpasses job boards like SIRC by attracting sport-focused candidates and those who may not have a sport management educational background, but may have a passion for sport.

Job seekers who visit SPMA are specifically looking for sport industry opportunities, ensuring that companies receive applications from individuals who are genuinely passionate about working in the sports sector. SPMA’s guidelines for candidates, including crafting a working in sport objective, sharing social media platforms, outlining education and work experience, highlighting volunteer experience, and articulating certifications, languages, and skills, help filter out candidates who are not serious about pursuing a career in sports. This ensures that employers on SPMA receive applications from highly motivated individuals who are a better fit for their sports jobs.

User-Friendly Interface and Analytics

SPMA offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the job search and hiring process for both job seekers and employers. The job dashboard allows job seekers to easily search, find, and apply for sports jobs directly from their mobile devices or desktops. They can manage their applications conveniently from a secure dashboard, ensuring a seamless and efficient job search experience. On the employer side, the job dashboard provides a centralized location for managing job listings, allowing employers to repost or extend posts effortlessly.

One significant advantage SPMA holds over job boards like SIRC is its comprehensive analytics. Employers can access detailed insights into the performance of their job listings, including the number of views and applicants. This information enables data-driven decision-making, allowing companies to assess the effectiveness of their recruitment strategies and make adjustments as needed. With SPMA, employers gain valuable visibility into candidate engagement, providing a competitive edge in hiring the best talent for their sports jobs.

Complimentary Trial and Ongoing Support

To demonstrate its commitment to providing an exceptional employer experience, SPMA offers a complimentary trial to interested companies. This 3-day trial period allows employers to explore the platform’s features and benefits before making any further commitments. It ensures that companies can assess the value of SPMA’s job board in finding and hiring the right candidates for their sports jobs in Canada.

Additionally, SPMA promises ongoing support and continuous enhancements to its platform. With a dedicated support team, employers can rely on prompt assistance whenever needed. SPMA remains committed to refining its features, adding new functionalities, and improving the finer aspects of its job board. This commitment ensures that both job seekers and employers have access to an ever-evolving and cutting-edge platform that stays ahead of the competition.


SIRC receives crucial financial support from Sport Canada, a government body responsible for promoting and developing sport in the country. This funding plays a vital role in SIRC’s operations and enables them to fulfill their mission of advancing sport through knowledge and innovation.

As being self-proclaimed “Canada’s leader in sport information and resources,” SIRC relies on the financial assistance provided by Sport Canada to sustain its operations and deliver valuable services to the sport community.

It enables them to collect, curate, and disseminate credible and evidence-based knowledge to enhance the capacity of the sport community.

Essentially, SIRC’s receipt of government funding through Sport Canada is instrumental in their ability to operate their job board. Without it, they would simply not be able to function and its growth and job board functionalities are limited by the money they receive from the government.


When it comes to finding sports jobs in Canada or hiring for sports jobs, Sport Management Hub’s job board stands out as the ultimate alternative to job boards like SIRC. With its tailored approach, customization options, sport-focused candidates, user-friendly interface, comprehensive analytics, complimentary trial, and ongoing support, SPMA provides an unparalleled platform for job seekers and employers in the sports industry. Whether you are a passionate individual seeking sports job opportunities or a company looking to hire top talent, SPMA is the go-to destination that revolutionizes the sports job market in Canada.

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