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Music in Sport Part 2: Traditional Tunes Enhance Fan Identification

Music in Sport Part 2: Traditional Tunes Enhance Fan Identification

Music Enhances the Fan Experience

In Part 1, we looked at how music can pump up or placate athletes. Just as the previous article started off, this provides a cool and easy to read guide on music at sporting events.

We’d be hard pressed not to start this discussion on music in sport off without recognizing how important traditions are to fans. Many traditions in sport emanate from songs passed down for generations. Of course, Take Me Out to the Ballgame is the most notorious sport-themed song. It’s performed or played at every baseball event around the world. 

Some sport teams have their own theme songs too! For instance, take the Boston Red Sox (whom by the way had their home opener yesterday). View image on Twitter

Since we’re talking about the Red Sox, every home game, they play this song:

Similarly, other amateur professional sport teams claim a song as their traditional tune. When that tune is played varies considerably.

Toronto Blue Jays

Baltimore Orioles

Tampa Bay Rays

FIFA World Cup Theme Songs

Hartford Whalers

Soooooo many more examples exist. If you are interested in seeing more, you can view this link or this one.

Music in Sport: During Play

There are times during a basketball game when the Game Day Operations Manager feels that the crowd is zoning out or is getting bored. If this happens, they link an immediate message to the disk jockey (DJ) to play a tune. Because the style of play has slowed, a decision is made to improve the fan’s energy. Other times, right before clutch possessions (like this one), the DJ wants to get the fans loud and the players on the floor hype.


Let’s look at the Toronto Raptors for a minute. Whether watching a home game on television or in person, you’ll hear a snippet of this song:

Sometimes music is used to go with what’s happening on the court. In an effort to For example in Toronto, when a nice assist is made, Drake’s voice is heard on the speakers singing “I was running through the six with my…” and the crowd finishes with “woes.” This is just  another example of how music is used to enhance the fan experience. The Raptors are also known for playing sounds, music or words for each player who makes a bucket.

Every team does things differently. Speaking of the Raptors, the Bucks like to poke fun at their nickname during player introductions. See below.

“It’s just looking at things, looking at some moments that have happened or some correlations, obviously with the Raptor being a dinosaur, we kind of poke some fun with that. “

Johnny Watson, Game Day Operations Manager, Milwaukee Bucks

A Sport Management Perspective

This week, minor league professional baseball will begin their season. One of those teams, the Stockton Ports, will let their fans choose the opposing team’s walk up for every home game. But there is a price to choose. Like a jukebox! $5 USD ensures the song will be assigned to a random player, while $10 allows fans to pick a song for a specific player in the lineup.

Imagine if your professor ran a jukebox in class :O and asked you to pay to play a song. Would you do it?

As a matter of fact, music in sport plays a huge role in fan excitement and is a big part most games.

So look at what the Stockton Ports will be doing. Indeed, this is a financial opportunity for a sport property made out of nothing. What a wonderful idea, no? We’d like to hear your thoughts below.

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