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Volunteer in Sport to Land Your Dream Job

Volunteering in Sport

Volunteer in Sport to Land Your Dream Job

Do you dream of landing a job in the sport industry?  You’re not alone.  With so much competition, it can be hard to break into this field. But volunteering in sport can kick start the journey towards your dream career. 

Why volunteer for sport

You are never too young to start preparing for your career in sport, which is why you should start volunteering today.

But isn’t volunteering a waste of time?  After all, you won’t be paid for your time. 

Don’t be so quick to brush it off.  Volunteering pays well in the long run because it might help you get a job in the future.

If you’re not convinced, keep reading to learn about the great benefits of volunteering.

Increase Releveant Skills

Gain skills that can be used in the sport industry. Show off everything you learned and accomplished on your future resume and LinkedIn profile.  

Networking Opportunites

It’s much easier to get a job when you know the right people, and volunteering gives you the chance to meet those people. If impressed by your work, they will give you a great recommendation. 

Possible Job Openings

A volunteer position for a non-profit organization might turn into a paid position.  It’s common for non-profits to hire volunteers as positions open up, so stick around for a while. If you are in the right place at the right time you might get offered a job!

Prove Your Employment Eligibility  

Your volunteer experience will show employers that you are a hard worker who is actively involved in the community and can interact well with others. These are the kinds of qualities your employer will want to see before hiring you.  

Besides all that, having some hands-on experience, even if it’s not paid, will look great on your resume.  This tells employers you already have some knowledge of how the sport industry operates.

Show You Fit In

Many big names in the sport industry are devoted to giving back and helping others. In fact, this is something many star athletes do.  Show you care by getting involved in a charity.

The bottom line is, volunteering in sport proves that you meet the qualifications for employment and would be great at your desired job.

Volunteering Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities.  The following ideas should point you in the right direction. 

Youth Sport Organizations

Help out as an assistant coach.  You will develop an understanding of how to manage a team of kids, giving you important skills that can be applied in any management position.   

School Teams

You might start out in the ticket booth or concessions, but don’t pass up this option just because it doesn’t sound very exciting.  You will get a behind-the-scenes view of the sport industry so that you can learn what it takes to make a successful sport program. 

Local Sporting Events

Look for other teams and events beyond those at your school.  How about volunteering with the minor leagues?  Don’t forget about 5ks and marathons.  Even golf tournaments are a possibility.   

Parks and Recreation

Many parks have baseball fields, basketball courts, tennis courts…you may have a more unique experience here than in your typical sport-related volunteer position, giving you a broader range of skills that can help you stand out in the crowd.

Professional Sporting Events

Volunteer positions at popular events, such as the Olympic games, are difficult to get, with tons of hopeful applicants striving to be chosen. The application process normally begins more than a year in advance, so you must plan ahead. 

Tips to get the most out of volunteering in sport

Going the extra mile can help you stand out, even among your fellow volunteers.

Here are a few tips to help you along.

Start a Blog

Write about your experiences and direct employers to your site.

Make sure your passion for sport and your desire to make a difference come through in your writing.  Don’t write about how boring a certain task is, or how it’s such a pain to work without getting paid. 

Instead, use the blog to show off your accomplishments in a way that doesn’t sound boastful.

Make Videos

If you can’t stand the thought of writing, start a vlog instead.  A vlog can be more powerful as you are able to show your experiences to your audience. 

Shoot footage during your volunteer time, but don’t spend all your time filming.  Your focus should be on working, not making videos.  You don’t want to give employers the impression that you are easily distracted.

Stretch Yourself

If you never push yourself, you will stay stuck in the same spot.  The only way to make progress towards your career goals is to jump into new experiences and talk to people who might intimidate you. 

We all have doubts about new situations, wondering if we can overcome the challenges they bring, but don’t let those fears stop you. Failing only means you are getting closer to succeeding. What about those people who intimidate you?  After getting to know them, you might discover they aren’t so scary after all.

Take initiative

Want to win your supervisors over?  Don’t wait for them to tell you what to do.  If you see a need, take action and fill it.  This will make you a very valuable volunteer and your supervisors will be more than happy to give you a good recommendation.

But use discretion.  If some tasks are off limits for volunteers under a certain age or experience level, just leave them for someone else.

Getting a job in the sport industry doesn’t come easy.  It requires persistence and dedication.  But just know that if other students can manage to break into the competitive world of sport, so can you!

Volunteering in sports activities, events, and organizations is a great way to start preparing for your career in sport.  It can give you relevant skills and experiences that employers love to see while also giving you the chance to make new contacts. 

So volunteer in sport to start working towards getting your first job.

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