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The Hockey Sweater

Book By Roch Carrier & Sheldon Cohen
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The Hockey Sweater

A children's book about a hockey sweater inspired by Montreal Canadiens superstar Maurice Richard.

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Canadian Classic Book: The Hockey Sweaterwritten by Roch Carrier. The winters in the community of Ste. Justine were long when Roch was a child. Every boy looked up to Maurice Richard, the legendary hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens, and his life revolved around school, church, and the ice rink. Richard's number 9 was worn by all. Like Richard, they laced their skates. Even their hair was styled like Richard's. When Roch outgrows his beloved Canadiens sweater, his mother sends off a letter to order a replacement. Roch is horrified to get the blue and white jersey of the rival Toronto Maple Leafs, a team that he despises and fears. Roch must face the other youngsters at the ice, but how?

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