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Analytics has a huge role in content across multiple brands. There is a saying that “numbers don’t lie” and engagement reflects your audiences’ level of interest with your content.

Daniel Alvarado

Digital Media Coordinator

Atlanta United FC

× The interview with Daniel Alvarado was conducted via a typed conversation. Editing changes were made to make it easier to read while maintaining the voice of the interview.

1Tell us about your role as Digital Media Coordinator for Atlanta United FC. What does a typical day look like for you?

My role with Atlanta United as a Digital Media Coordinator consists of multiple responsibilities across all content posted across digital.

This often includes strategizing, capturing and editing content. I oversee our content schedule which houses all the content being posted at any giving time to ensure the content meets brand standards from aesthetics to language.

A typical day truly depends on the time of the season we are in, and even then, it’s rare to have the same day twice. One thing that is consistent no matter the time of year is the ideation portion of my job. As a digital team, we are always meeting on new ideas and how to best tell the story through content.

2Often, people think content creation is an in the moment, reactive process. Being in a role like digital media coordination, explain how you plan and strategize the content and coverage of Atlanta United FC.

We are very thoughtful as to how we deliver content, and when you cover social in such a quick environment, you can lose consistency in your brand identity or language, and it can become unsustainable.

We try to avoid overreacting to the moment, instead, we look to put a strategy in place and identify a method in which the team will amplify that storytelling across social media. This allows for a more polished product.

For example, by developing a strategy on how to “announce a player signing” allows the digital team to execute content in a speedy manner and can adjust the content as they may see fit. Now every moment is different, but if you can buy your team time to create as opposed to reacting you are putting them in a better situation.

3As a brand, Atlanta United FC has utilized a digital strategy that focuses on engagement and excitement. In order to achieve such, how do you know where to invest your time and what will be worth it according to your audience?

The beauty of social media is the fans will tell you exactly what they like and don’t like.

This is becoming very apparent when getting into digital content analytics that is frequently done.

I think when trying to execute a digital strategy you must balance a level of flexibility with the consumer's feedback and apply that to the content produced while maintaining the brand identity.

4 Digital media and content is so much more than just creativity – there is more data available than ever before – how much time do you spend understanding audience data and utilizing that data to determine future decisions?

Analytics has a huge role in content across multiple brands.

There is a saying that “numbers don’t lie” and engagement reflects your audiences’ level of interest in your content.

These numbers help identify the type of content your audience is favoriting and that has played a big role in our content.

5In a digital media role, oftentimes you are writing, shooting, producing and editing content. How important is it to have the technical skills to create in addition to creative skills? How did you learn these technical skills?

I believe the more actual “producing” skills meaning ideating, capturing, and editing someone has the better.

It allows for greater heights of conceptualizing content ideas and making things come to life. I first picked up my skills during my undergraduate work while I was majoring in Digital Media.

Here is where I learned to shoot video and capture photos, while at the same time learned to edit across all Adobe Creative Suite software platforms.

6Digital platforms are constantly changing – always moving forward and quickly moving from one trend to the next. How do you get ahead and stay fresh and creative?

I think narrowing down the type of content that resonates with your audience and identifying those trends to engage with will keep trends more manageable because there is so much out there.

7Last but not least, let’s shine some light on your portfolio! Which piece of content or graphic are you most proud of and why?

There are tons that I am particularly proud of but, I would have to say the announcement of player Jürgan Damm to Atlanta United FC.

The reason why is because we were able to amplify his signing beyond the traditional player signing announcement. We were able to create an experience for the fans to connect with him right away.

Jürgen Damm Signing Announcement Graphic: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Jürgen Damm Retail Jersey Sale: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Jürgen Damm Highlights: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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