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Managing a Crisis in Sport

Managing a Crisis in Sport

Managing a crisis in sport is important. Car trouble on your way to class is a crisis. It’s unpredictable. But you may be judged for just showing up late. Managing this crisis is important. You must manage your reputation. At least send an e-mail to your professor. Devising a plan is important. Sport organizations do the same.

Defining a crisis

Simply put, a crisis is a situation that can damage a sport property’s credibility. Also, this situation can harm the sport property’s stakeholders.

Think about it… imagine there’s a measles outbreak in the city. With this, word gets out that the outbreak started at the venue you work at. Would you want to go to work after hearing this? This really happened! See below:

In this scenario, a planned reaction is crucial. You don’t want to have this…

Sport is not immune to crisis. Actually, sport can breed it! Give a daily read of and you’ll see at least one crisis.

Recent Examples

Porzingas Rape Allegations

Last week, the New York Post published a report explaining a police report. The report details a woman’s complaint that she was raped by Dallas Mavericks’ (then Knicks) superstar Kristaps Porzingis in 2018.

Cagliari-Juventus match

Also, racism in European soccer continues. Full story here. The problem continues.

The CWHL Folding

Furthermore, the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL) folded on Sunday. Teams were shocked. We wrote an article about the folding.

Planning for Crisis

Crisis is not easily predicted. But it can be. Strong crisis management uses public relations to help. Let’s build a list of crisis management at all levels of sport in the comments below.

Add a memorable crisis that happened in sport to the comment box below.

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