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The Lead

About The Lead

The first daily sports news podcast that covers everything from the world stage to the hometown. The Athletic, home to the best storytelling in sports, and Wondery, the company behind Sports Wars and Gladiator, take you beyond the box score. With the help of The Athletic’s more than 400 sports writers and editors, co-hosts Kavitha Davidson and Anders Kelto dive deep into the biggest and most fascinating stories of the day. 

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Kavitha Davidson

Kavitha A. Davidson is a sports writer based in New York. She was previously a columnist at espnW and Bloomberg, focusing on the intersection of sports and business, culture, race, and gender.

Anders Kelto

Anders Kelto was PRI's The World's Africa correspondent, formerly based in Cape Town, South Africa. His primary focus is on health and development, and he also covers breaking news, politics, and culture.

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