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99: Stories of the Game

Book By Wayne Gretzky, Kirstie McLellan Day
Posted By Jaelyn Terrion

99: Stories of the Game

99: Stories of the Game features stories and recollections from the NHL's greatest moments intertwined with memories from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

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NHL legend Wanye Gretzky and best-selling author Kirstie McLellan Day team up in this nonfiction sports book. Together, they dive into the NHL's most memorable moments from Gretzky's perspective, including stories about the league's greatest moments and some of the individuals that inspired and motivated his dream to become one of the greatest to ever lace up the skates. These stories and recollections bring the NHL's past to life, from the early stages of playing outdoors to the golden era of the original six dynasties, all the way through to the present-day intensity of the league. Gretzky's point of view offers insight from someone who experienced firsthand the thrill of lifting the Stanley Cup, and the sting of falling short in an intense rivalry. Weaving his own memories throughout the saga of the game, this book offers a personal account of rivalries, triumphs, and everything in between that makes the game of hockey great.

99: Stories of the Game's Relation To Sport Business

99: Stories of the Game recollects the experience of one of the greatest players of the NHL's history, Wayne Gretzky. His stories and memories also tell the tales of many other former greats like Gordie Howe and Bobby Orr, and what it was like playing alongside and against many of the league's legends. The book offers an intimate perspective into the player side of the NHL.

Detailing the rich history of the league, 99: Stories of the Game also offers the perspective of what it is truly like to be a professional athlete, specifically in the NHL. The stories and experiences shared by Gretzky highlight the trials and tribulations of a professional athlete committed to the intensity of training and playing in a pro league.

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Why read 99: Stories of the Game?

Offering an intimate and personal look into the history of the NHL, 99: Stories of the Game is a must-read for hockey fans and enthusiasts wanting to learn more about how the league has come to be what it is today. Gretzky offers a perspective surrounding the sport of hockey that any fan or former player can relate to, especially his stories of triumphant wins and gruelling losses. From examining the NHL's early formation, its expansion beyond the original six, and stories about the league's greatest and grittiest players, 99: Stories of the Game is a warm and inviting book that'll have readers eager to finish. Add it to your sports book list for an exciting and informative hockey read!

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