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This book has to be on our shelf. For soooo many reasons. But I’ve narrowed it down to three. The first reason is because duhhhhh. The Raptors just won the NBA Championship and the book is about that! Kind of. Secondly, it’s a fantastic example of SPONSORSHIP AND MARKETING IN SPORTS. The Raptors and GoDaddy have a long history of working with one another. We’ll get into that below. Also, because it’s a really cool example of adapting to $#*! heard from fans about curses and reacting with one of the most iconic basketball players of all time. MUGGSY!!!!!! SPACE JAMMMMM.

Former NBA Player.

Why did we put A Raptor Tale on The Shelf?

Reason 1: Commemorates 2019 NBA Championship

So maybe A Raptor Tale is not completely about the 2019 NBA Championship. But it DOES commemorate it. Let’s face it. NBA history was made that day when the Toronto Raptors won against the Golden State Warriors. That day marked the first time a Canadian team won a championship. Some would say a chaotic win especially with the absence of the previous coach Dwayne Casey. Maybe a change for the better since Torontonians celebrated all around this historic win, bringing the city together like never before. A Raptor Tale is a patriotic dedication to the team and the community it off sprang from its iconic win.

A Raptor Tale belongs on The Shelf

Reason 2: Great Use Of Sponsorship Dollars For GoDaddy

With a championship win comes new partnerships. GoDaddy Canada partnered with the Toronto Raptors to get new business and entrepreneurs inspired. The current project of this partnership is A Rapter Tale and we could not find it any more adorable! Not only is the book by beloved legendary point guard Muggsy Bogues, but proceeds from book are going towards Toronto’s MLSE foundation. A foundation that works towards creating programs to empower youth through sports. This is more than enough reason to keep A Raptor Tale on our shelf!

The Power Of Sports To Inspire

Reason 3: Excellent Response To Curse Buzz

Now, I am not saying the “Drake Curse” is a real thing. But I am also not hiding the fact that every Leaf game he attended did not work out in the team’s favor. So are sport related curses a real thing? Well another coincidence that we cannot ignore. Any Raptor that is currently starring as a GoDaddy spokesman tends to get worse at basketball. This can be observed through Jonas Valanciunas, Lucas Nogueira, Patrick Patterson, Norman Powell and CJ Miles. Many theories have been discussed and concluded. Popular Raptors site Raptors Cage goes into depth on some of those theories. One thing is for sure, we are definitely keeping A Raptor Cage on our shelf for comfort while we wait and see the fate Muggsy Bogues.

Melissa's Final Thoughts

This tear-jerker of a tale could very well become a family classic. Between its cartoon drawings of Toronto’s Raptor from a young child to a full-grown hero and the inspiring story that falls along with it, consumers of the storybook can enjoy this story for years to come, basketball fan or not. Although it pulls on the heartstrings as the story develops, I can promise you that Muggsy gives us an ending to help us all sleep at night. Therefore, I recommend you get this book on your shelf soon too!

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