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If You Feel Too Much

Book By Jamie Tworkowski
Posted By Anthony Clark

If You Feel Too Much

f You Feel Too Much is a celebration of hope, wonder, and what it means to be human. From personal stories of struggling on days most people celebrate to words of strength and encouragement in moments of loss, the essays in this book invite readers to believe that it's okay to admit to pain and okay

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With Bell Let’s Talk Day come and gone, the conversation around mental health must continue. In this book, Jamie Tworkowski pens various essays on different topics concerning mental health, including the day his mental health non-profit won a million-dollar grant. What does this have to do with sports? Follow Jamie on any social media platform and you can see how his life and sports constantly intersect. He’s a huge basketball fan, (specifically of his friend Kyle Korver), and a fan of the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (he recently attended one of the player’s weddings).

If You Feel Too Much's Relation To Sport Business

Everyone is affected by mental health. Going to the doctor about your mental health should be no different from other visits. Jamie emphasizes that beliefs surrounding mental health need to be destigmatized. Jamie believes antidepressants should be prescribed when deemed necessary by a doctor avoiding any negative connotations which may be prevalent either in the past or present.

In his book, Jamie supports that we are all unique individuals who should celebrate our individuality. However, at the same time, we have more in common than we realize. We all experience pain and heartbreak, joy and triumphs, and we can empathize with other human beings who are experiencing those things as well. Jamie encourages a sense of community, not only for mental health, but also for everyday life.

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Why read If You Feel Too Much?

Jamie’s book reminds us that “it’s okay to not be okay” and to keep the conversation about mental health going, long past Bell Let’s Talk Day or World Suicide Prevention Day. Jamie’s non-profit, To Write Love On Her Arms, constantly features athletes’ stories, like Korver’s, or Ryan Anderson’s of the NBA. I have followed the work of To Write Love On Her Arms since 2006 when it started with one of Jamie’s essays, and I have grown with Jamie and the organization as we all travel through this life, seeking to know and be known.

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