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More Than A Game

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They say to keep working hard and your dreams will come true…that is exactly what happened to hockey superstar Nathan Chiarlitti. He discusses how minor, junior and university hockey paved his way through life. After being rejected from med school twice, he finally got accepted at uOttawa on this third try of applications. This book talks about the highs and lows of life and how sport can help you overcome those challenges. I will discuss the qualities of having a positive attitude, making sacrifices, and finally being grateful for timing that helped Nathan get to where he is today.

Why did we put More Than A Game on The Shelf?

Having a positive attitude

The first quality/theme that Nathan discusses is having a positive attitude throughout your journey. Your attitude affects not only your overall performance, but it also affects the performance of others around you.  Emotions can become very strong, but you have to stay in the mindset of what’s going to be most beneficial for your team. Having a positive attitude can be the first step in reaching that goal you are looking to achieve. Your attitude will determine how you address certain situations, especially if they are challenging.

More Than A Game belongs on The Shelf


The second quality/theme that Nathan discusses is making sacrifices throughout sport and life. You must put in work to be at the level you want to achieve and sacrifice certain aspects of life in order to attain those dreams and aspirations. This is one of my favourite lessons from the book since we have all experienced having to sacrifice something we don’t necessarily want to give up to reach a goal we’ve been striving for. Often, situations arise that require us to make choices that we don’t necessarily want to make at that moment in time. However, that choice may lead to other opportunities and open other doors that we didn’t think of or thought were possible before making that sacrifice.

Amanda's Final Thoughts

This book really ties into how the qualities Nathan developed in hockey apply in everyday life. Sport can really be a lesson to situations in the real world. Sport teaches us many important qualities such as teamwork, dedication, dealing with challenges, and many more that can be translated into situations in our actual lives. I know that as an athlete growing up , I take much of what I learned while playing sports into my life and don’t think I could be where I am today without what I was able to learn through sport. Sport can in some ways be the school of life and shape the person that you become. This is a must read for any sport lover – but especially if you are a hockey fan!