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Adonis “Sporty” Jeralds is a professor in Sport and Entertainment Management at the University of South Carolina. He also works within the Community Relations department with the Charlotte Hornets. I had the opportunity to interview Sporty Jeralds. Sporty is a funny, authentic, passionate, and caring instructor who brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience working at the Charlotte Coliseum between the 1988 expansion Hornets and the 2010 Bobcats (now Hornets again as of 2014). In this interview, Sporty’s love of teaching and working in sport is clear. He also shares inspiring advice and suggestions to people that are uplifting. This was a very special interview for me as I was able to put myself into the incredible work Sporty Jeralds does in the classroom and in the industry with the Hornets. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did when talking to him.

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