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Using Job Descriptions to Know What a Career in Sport Management Requires In Canada

Using Job Descriptions to Know What a Career in Sport Management Requires In Canada

Learn the power of SPMA Jobs

What is your dream job?  Do you have the skills and experience for that job? Chances are you want or have a career in Sport Management. Therefore, use a variety of strategies and techniques to expand and enhance your search. 

Prepare For A Career In Sport Management

Throughout your education, you have repeatedly been told about the value of networking.  Getting the contacts and other information from the web of people in the field is invaluable in getting your foot in the door.  However, once that opportunity becomes available, you must be ready with the skills and support to sell yourself.  You need to sell your skills on paper to get in the door and prove yourself in the interview.

Know What’s Out There

Begin by looking at the opportunities that are out there.  Look for the type of job that you want and note the job titles that are used. Keep a list of the job titles.  Why?  When using aggregate search engines such as, you can input those job titles to target your posting.

Job Postings

Most importantly, scour the job postings to determine the skills that are required.  Keep a list of the recurring skills and if you already have those skills, consider how you will validate them.  If you do not have the required skills, start working on acquiring them.

A great place to start browsing for sport specific jobs is on

What is SIRC?

Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) is a government-funded non-profit organization. Its mission is to provide resources on sport in Canada. One of those resources is a job board!

The SIRC Job Board is consistently ranked as the #1 source for sport related positions.

Visit the site frequently to check the market and validate your skills. Here’s what you do when you’re on the home page. On the top menu, hover your mouse over careers and click on SIRC CAREERS. Bam! There you have it. Those are all the current postings.

How do I find those postings related to a career in Sport Management?

Great question. It’s not hard or easy to do this. You’ll need to know which job titles may be related to the field. Look to your school’s program menus for help.

A screenshot taken of SIRC’s Career Opportunities portal in the afternoon on April 5, 2019

Like this posting titled Athlete Coach Services Advisor. Sport performance and recreation come to mind. Does it apply to Sport Management? Indeed, why not? No pun intended (we know Indeed is another job searching platform). That’s why a Sport Management education is appealing to many. Just like golfer Brooke Henderson, it has range.

Keep Browsing

Today there are 63 open job postings in Canada on SIRC. 37 of those postings are in Ontario.

A screenshot taken of SIRC’s Career Opportunities portal in the afternoon on April 5, 2019

Ahhhh! There’s one that looks interesting. The Coordinator for Social Media and Digital Content for U SPORTS is hiring. Here’s where you should pull up the job description. Let’s do that.

Read the job description requirements. If you don’t have some of these skills, write them down. Then think of how you can get those skills. Next, look for job and volunteer opportunities that can help you master those skills and give you added experience.

There are no “sexy” jobs on SIRC

This statement is a myth. While many commercial sport organizations do not use this website, there are many high level sport management jobs on this website. Don’t believe what you might hear from your peers. Likely, your peers were expecting to see the Leafs and Raptors post a job on here.

More to come……

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