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30 for 30

TV Series
Posted By Andres Larranaga

30 for 30 is an ESPN documentary series focusing on historic moments and athletes in sport.

About 30 for 30

30 for 30 is an ESPN sport documentary series that focuses on major events and athletes in sport history. The series has 3 seasons of 30 episodes each as well as a few specials after that. Those specials include ESPN Films Presents and a series of shorts available on their website. Done in celebration of their 30th anniversary, ESPN created the series to showcase some of the biggest stories from their time on air. You'll see stories like the relationship between Mike Tyson and Tupac Shakur, brothers Mark and Dave Schultz and their relationship with philanthropist John E du Pont, as well as hearing from athletes like Lance Armstrong. It's an important trip through sport history that cannot be missed!

30 for 30's Relation To Sport Business

As a documentary, 30 for 30 focuses on the real stories of big sport moments and athletes. You'll see the stories of professional teams and players that made history as well as headlines unrelated to their sport history. Like O.J. Simpson's infamous police car chase. These are the stories that gripped sports fans around the world when they were fresh in the headlines and the success in some of these stories still rings out loud for many. Fans who remember their triumphs will never forget the events that made them happy. And other stories will provide more insight into events where we wonder, what happened? Like in the case of Olympic brothers Mark and Dave Schultz, Dave being murdered by a mentor of theirs. It's a deeper look into major events in sport and you do not want to miss a single episode!

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30 for 30 Industry Endorsements

30 for 30 has been suggested to us by sport industry professionals we talk to on a regular basis. See a list of those individuals below.

 Industry Professional  Organization  Position
Candace Johnson The Ohio State University Football Coordinator of Career and Professional Development
Erica Dymond Sportsnet Senior Manager, Audience Development - Digital and Social Media Strategy
Jelani Smith Forge FC Team Manager
Bobby Tarnapoll Portland Timbers Game Day Operations
Josh SU Canadian Olympic Committee Public Relations Specialist

Why watch 30 for 30?

30 for 30 is a great documentary series! It's an amazing look back into some of the biggest moments in sport history that will either remind us of those moments or tell those of us who didn't live through the moment a story we've heard about but never really knew the details. With archived footage as well as interviews with some of the athletes involved, it's an experience unlike any other to watch. And with plenty of episodes as well as extras like shorts and an ESPN Films Presents series there is no shortage of great stories to hear about. Sports fans of all kinds will be sure to love every episode. Make sure this is one you add to your watchlist right away!

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