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All or Nothing: Manchester City

Posted By Andres Larranaga

All or Nothing: Manchester City

All or Nothing: Manchester City follows soccer club Manchester City F.C. during their successful 2017-18 season.

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About All or Nothing: Manchester City

All or Nothing: Manchester City continues the All or Anything brand, this time following Manchester City F.C. of the English Premier League (EPL). In it, the club's 2017-18 season is followed. A season in which they excelled in winning trophies and breaking league records. It's a behind-the-scenes look that grants viewers access beyond the field. Look into the dressing room, training sessions and the personal lives of the players at home. Hear from the club's biggest players as they fight for every championship they can get their hands on. Check it out today on Amazon Prime!

All or Nothing: Manchester City's Relation To Sport Business

All or Nothing: Manchester City is another behind-the-scenes look into a professional team and its players. Following one of the world's biggest soccer clubs, we get a look into the lives of these athletes both on and off the field. It just so happens, this was also a very successful season for Manchester City. We see that success and everything it took to come out champions multiple times throughout each competition they participated in. With their personal lives also followed, we get a glimpse into the life of an athlete at the top level of play. Because despite mostly seeing them on game days and social media, they have lives just like any of us. It's an interesting glimpse that you can catch today on Amazon Prime.

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All or Nothing: Manchester City Industry Endorsements

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Why watch All or Nothing: Manchester City?

All or Nothing: Manchester City is a must-watch documentary! Following one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world, it's the behind-the-scenes look any fan would dream of for their own teams they support. You hear from the players themselves as well as from head coach Pep Guardiola. Their success during the season is one that can motivate athletes anywhere to try and follow suit. Like with other All or Nothing series, this one has had a great response from those who have watched it. Do not sleep on this one! Add it to your sports movie watch list right away!

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