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Posted By Andres Larranaga

Arliss is about a big athlete's agent who does anything he can for his clients, even if it goes against the book.

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About Arliss

Arliss Michaels is a big-time athlete's successful agent, dealing with other athletes and well known in the sport world. A world that for Arliss is filled with glamour, hypocrisy and money.  This super sports agent will do whatever it takes to get everything he and his clients want. Even if it breaks some rules along the way. Premiering on HBO it ran for 7 seasons and even featured real athletes at times. With other shows focusing on teams and athletes, this one focuses on the agent that can make things happen. Check it out on HBO.

Arliss's Relation To Sport Business

Arliss shows us the sport agent side of the sport industry. This is done through professional sport and it's athletes. Arliss Michaels is the focus of the series as a sport agent with successful athletes. We see what it sometimes takes to be as successful for his clients, even if not always done the right way. It's a side we don't get to see often but it is a major part of the industry that keeps things running. Those who want to take part in the sport industry could benefit from this series to get an idea of what things are like, even if done in a fictional manner. Check it out on HBO today!

ArlissSport Industry Areas Touched

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Arliss Industry Endorsements

Arliss has been suggested to us by sport industry professionals we talk to on a regular basis. See a list of those individuals below.

 Industry Professional  Organization  Position
Zack Fisch Hershey Bears Manager of Media Relations & Broadcasting

Why watch Arliss?

Arliss is a good sitcom that sports fans will enjoy! Sure, you may be used to the story focused on the athlete or team and the struggles they face, but following the sports agent side actually is very interesting. And, at the time the show aired, many HBO subscribers mentioned they were only subscribed because of this series specifically. Though at times slightly inaccurate in its details about the sport industry, plenty of those in the industry still enjoy the terms only those in the sports world would know. It's definitely one that should be given a chance. Sports fans, add this one to your sport series watch list.

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