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Boca Juniors Confidential

Posted By Andres Larranaga

Boca Juniors Confidential

Boca Juniors Confidential goes behind the scenes of the well-known Argentine club.

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About Boca Juniors Confidential

Club Atlético Boca Juniors is one of the most successful soccer clubs in the world. The team from Buenos Aires Argentina is known globally and their rivalry with the also successful River Plate is known as one of the fiercest in soccer. Boca Juniors Confidential takes us behind the scenes of this club and their battle to repeat as champions in the Argentine Primera División. However, challenges arise with injuries and contract issues regarding a star player. See the club on and off the pitch as well as interviews with the players and coaches. It’s a behind-the-scenes look that every soccer and Boca Juniors fan needs and it’s available to watch on Netflix today.

Boca Juniors Confidential's Relation To Sport Business

Like with other behind-the-scenes looks at teams, we get to see what goes on beyond the games of a professional team. Hearing from players and coaches, we get that personal look into what it's like for playing at this well-known club. Injuries and contracts are other issues that come up in this documentary series and show us more to a side of sport we don't often get the chance to see. We see that even for a team as triumphant as Boca Juniors, things can still be difficult. It's an important look into what goes on for those who wish to work in the sports industry. As well as something that can pique the interest of regular fans.

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Boca Juniors Confidential Industry Endorsements

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Why watch Boca Juniors Confidential?

Today, there are many documentary series about soccer clubs. Boca Juniors Confidential is one that needs to be watched! It’s a fantastic look behind the scenes of a historic club that will be enjoyed by all soccer fans. We see not just what happens on the field, but off of it too. Including a special visit to children who are disabled. We also get to see when things don’t go right. Like injury and contract issues. It’s things like that as fans we always hear about but don’t get too many details. And even though it may be a negative part of sport, it’s always great to see the effect it has and how teams deal with it. This is a very important watch for fans of Boca Juniors but is overall a great series for any soccer or sports fan. Be sure it goes on to your watch list soon!

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