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Friday Night Tykes

Posted By Riley Keenan

Friday Night Tykes

Friday Night Tykes is a sports TV series documentary looking at the intense world of youth football off the field.

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About Friday Night Tykes

It’s Friday. Lights Are Shining, and you’re ready to take the field. This show, Friday Night Tykes gives you and in-depth look into what football it like for the young Texans going out on that field. Sports are such an excellent way for children to develop gross motor skills, to gain amazing social skills and to become great little humans. This reality sports documentary showcases young players not only playing the game they love but also dealing with their parents, coaches while facing all of those challenges with their teammates.

Friday Night Tykes's Relation To Sport Business

At the beginning of this show, the children are playing football, learning what it takes to be an athlete at such a young age. The coaches are strong, emotional, and passionate in encouraging their athletes to do the best they can. Their voices are loud, they are intimidating and sometimes scary, but most importantly the coaches are dedicated to turning these little men into professional athletes. We witness the young players being pushed to their limits every day in practice in pursuit of the championship victory.

Throughout the season the show displays what football looks like in Texas – it is brutal, tough, and sometimes dangerous. The show reveals many coaches being fined for coaching improperly, using abusive language, and promoting violent tactics to win. This is a brutal sport, especially for those little men. One main thing they do learn while playing is discipline. They learn what it is like to work hard, to be in pain, and to still work hard. These little men are some of the strongest athletes who are hoping to make it to the NFL, and they will not settle for any less.

Now. Let’s talk crazy parents. In this show, the parents are not only passionate but also driven to see their child do well. These aspirations do not always bring out the best in the parents. The parents are competitive, rough and emotional and want to push their child to do well, but that pressure often comes with a price.

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Why watch Friday Night Tykes?

This show really gave me an insight as to what football looks like for players at such a young age, the struggles they face, the barriers they overcome, and how they become amazing athletes through hard work, tough times, and sometimes powering through an injury. Although it is tough, rough, and sometimes hard to watch, this show really gives you a perspective on competitive football in the United States.

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