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Hang Time

TV Series
Posted By Andres Larranaga

Hang Time is a 1995 TV series focusing on teen Julie Connor trying out and making the boys basketball team at Deering High School.

About Hang Time

Hang Time was a sitcom that aired from 1995-2000. In the fictional town of Deering, Indiana, Julie Connor moves to Deering High School from Chicago, Illinois. After trying out for the Deering Tornadoes, the school's team, she makes the boys team. Something that team captain Chris and head cheerleader Mary-Beth are against. But, she has the skill and head coach Bill, a former NBA player, sees that and makes her the first female player on the team. The series follows the team throughout its 5-year run.

Hang Time's Relation To Sport Business

In Hang Time, we see the amateur side and player side of sport. The young high school team faces different challenges through their games, both in the game and out. Additionally, we get a look at gender in sport. Julie, a female, makes the boy's team and is the first female to do so. Her skill shows and it's clear why she's been brought on. She shows off that anyone can play sports no matter the circumstances. With it being clear she has what it takes, she clearly breaks the boundary that existed and inspires everyone to fight against any walls put up.

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Hang Time Industry Endorsements

Hang Time has been suggested to us by sport industry professionals we talk to on a regular basis. See a list of those individuals below.

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Josh Goshin Miami HEAT Director of Game Presentation and Events

Why watch Hang Time?

Hang Time is a sitcom that basketball and sports fans will enjoy! As a part of many teens' mornings in the '90s, it brought sports fans joy like any other popular sitcom. And, it can be argued that the show inspired others to not give up on their goals. Julie's character making the boy's team was a big part of that. She showed that there are no boundaries that can't be taken down. The show also won a Prism Award for its accurate depictions of drug use in certain episodes. Overall, it's a series that won't disappoint many people. Sports fans, add it to your sports watch list soon.

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