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Maradona in Mexico

Posted By Andres Larranaga

Maradona in Mexico

Maradona In Mexico follows Diego Maradona's attempt to lead soccer club Dorados de Sinaloa, who are at the bottom of the second division, to promotion to the first division.

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About Maradona in Mexico

Diego Maradona is a name many people, especially those who are fans of soccer, know. Dorados de Sinaloa is a struggling team, who are at the bottom of Mexico's second division of soccer. One day, the Dorados decide to bring Maradona on board to lead them to success and the promotion to the first division they've all been dreaming of. Turns out, that was the push the team needed to start getting wins. They start climbing the table and even make the playoffs. But his time with the Dorados was not without controversy. You will see in watching that on more than 1 occasion, he was forced to leave the game due to abusive language towards the referees. Additionally, there was a point where he left for Argentina to fix an issue with his knee and missed some games. Games that were lost and had people wondering if he was taking his role seriously. Despite all that though, he did provide the motivation the team and fans needed during his time there. He brought a spark that many hadn't seen and won't soon forget. Check it out to see if they get the promotion they've been fighting for!

Maradona in Mexico's Relation To Sport Business

In Maradona in Mexico, we see the side of professional soccer that deals with the promotion/relegation system. It's a reward-based system that promotes lower division teams who do well into a higher division and bumps down teams who do poorly. The Dorados de Sinaloa happen to be in the 2nd division of soccer. They want promotion into the first but have been unable to do so. When Maradona comes along, we see them rise the table and even make the playoffs for promotion twice! That success brought hope to everyone who has been supporting the team for years. 

We also get to see the supporter's point of view. The documentary shows several supporters who attend every home game and try to travel for important away games. These kinds of fans are one of the reasons teams get motivated to do well. To give back to the support and love they continually show, even though the times that don't go so well. It's the support that every team needs and the series did a good job in showing the dedication of these fans. 

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Why watch Maradona in Mexico?

Maradona In Mexico is a great series to watch. Being a documentary, the events are all real which makes it much more personal. You will definitely find yourself cheering for the Dorados and hoping they pull off the miracle of promotion. Getting to hear from the players is also amazing as you see their confidence grow as they climb the table. We also get to hear from some of the fans and how long they've been supporting the team, as well as see them travelling to an important away game. Seeing that loyalty they have is a reminder of how important some teams are to people and the connections they bring. For those who never watched the games or don't know about the results, they sometimes leave you on the edge of your seat. After this series, you might even find yourself looking up the Dorados de Sinaloa to see how they're doing today. It's that impact that definitely makes this series worth a watch. All sports fans, and especially soccer fans, need to add this one to the watch list today!

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