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Nitro Circus

Posted By Jaelyn Terrion

Nitro Circus is a sport TV series that follows professional motocross rider Travis Pastrana and his group of friends performing dangerous and adrenaline-spiking stunts.

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About Nitro Circus

From the Creators of Jackass, Nitro Circus is an MTV reality sport TV series about a group of hilarious, outrageous friends performing mind altering and adrenaline inducing stunts. Main character and professional freestyle motocross rider Travis Pastrana makes it his mission to practice and perform extremely dangerous stunts, with the terrifying knowledge that failure could result in major injuries or even death. The group's shockingly low injury rate showcases their incredible skills in the world of extreme stunts. The series includes its' fair share of humour and jokes, with the group often taunting and teasing one another while pushing each other to test their physical limits. With wicked stunts like intense base jumps, flying out of planes without parachutes, and diving down some of the steepest waterslides and ramps ever designed, Nitro Circus packs a one of a kind adrenaline junkie punch.

Nitro Circus 's Relation To Sport Business

Nitro Circus gives viewers a taste of what it is like to be involved in the X games and professional motocross realm of sport. The series demonstrates Travis Pastrana's incredible skills in professional freestyle motocross, including clips of some of his craziest and medal-winning performances. We also see the skills of his friends that come from a diverse background of professional sport, such as Canadian Female Motocross Champion Jolene Van Vught and pro mountain bike downhill racer Jim DeChamp.

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Nitro Circus Industry Endorsements

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Why watch Nitro Circus ?

Nitro Circus is an exciting watch for sports fans looking for that adrenaline-inducing, gut-wrenching view of extreme and dangerous stunts. The characters will have you wrapped up in their tongue-in-cheek ways while practicing and executing some breathtaking versions of plane dives, base jumps, and everything in between. While putting their lives at risk at every step of the way, there is no shortage of humour amongst this group of friends. Pastrana and his band of misfits believe that if any stunt is even remotely possible, they can work out the logistics to make it happen successfully. Be mindful, the language and content of this show is mature, so keep this one for the 15+ age group. Add Nitro Circus to your sport TV series watchlist for a rush of adrenaline and a great laugh!

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