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Open Gym

TV Series
Posted By Jaelyn Terrion

Open Gym provides a behind the scenes look into Toronto Raptors players, games and travels.

About Open Gym

Open Gym is a Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment production that aired on NBA TV and TSN before moving to YouTube for shorter episodes. The series showcases the team's triumphs, failures, games, practices and travels throughout the NBA season from a behind-the-scenes lens. Cameras capture glimpses of players' personal lives while balancing being an NBA player, offering an intimate perspective into the life of a Toronto Raptor. A Raptor fan favourite, Open Gym is currently running its ninth season on Youtube.

Open Gym's Relation To Sport Business

Open Gym shows a behind-the-scenes perspective on a professional basketball team operating within the NBA. In most cases, fans get the opportunity to experience a game live or on TV. This series shows how the games affect other aspects of the team and its' success, such as player relations, player representation and practices. It allows viewers to get a first-hand look at what it's like being directly involved in the realm of professional sport and what happens beyond the games. 

This series also gives a glimpse into players' own lives. We see Raptor fan favourites like DeMar Derozan and Kyle Lowry deal with the pressure and commitment of elite-level sport all while balancing the responsibilities of family and everyday life. It offers an interesting perspective on being an athlete at a high level of competition. 

Open Gym is an example of how a sports team can utilize everyday operations to create interesting and accessible media for fans to consume. Having a unique media strategy is an important tool for a sport organization to strengthen the relationship and connection to fans and consumers. The series allows fans to feel a deeper connection to their team by showing situations that would have otherwise remained behind closed doors. 

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Open Gym Industry Endorsements

Open Gym has been suggested to us by sport industry professionals we talk to on a regular basis. See a list of those individuals below.

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Erik Grosman Toronto Wolfpack Director of Media Relations

Why watch Open Gym?

Open Gym is a fascinating series to get a close look at a professional basketball environment. Viewers are able to watch the Toronto Raptors navigate a season full of wins, losses, practices, challenges and triumphs. As a Raptors fan, it's exciting to see what the team is up to beyond just playing games, and it leaves you feeling more connected to them. The series offers rich history into years of Raptor history and development, dating all the way back to 2012. Being able to watch the Toronto Raptors grow, fail and succeed from a behind the scenes lens will leave you feeling more passionate about the team. Add this series to your list for an intimate basketball experience! 

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