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Over the Edge: College Sports' Mental Health Crisis

TV Series
Posted By Jaelyn Terrion

This mini series by The Athletic takes a direct look into the struggles that student athletes are faced with when it comes to mental health. It examines depression, anxiety, and the constant pressures of performing as a student athlete.

About Over the Edge: College Sports' Mental Health Crisis

Providing a personable watch, Over the Edge: College Sports' Mental Health Crisis (2019) dives into the real-life stories of athletes, coaches, and families that have been directly affected by mental health issues surrounding college sports. This mini-series, produced by The Athletic, explores the levels of depression, anxiety, and suicides amongst student-athletes, and demonstrates the importance of providing and seeking help. Offering personal stories like those of Clemson Tigers football coach Dabo Swinney and former Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski, Over the Edge shows viewers the direct and often devastating impacts that mental health struggles can have on everybody involved in college sports, including football and rowing. The series captures the hope for the future of mental health and college sports by showing the efforts of many to destigmatize the process of getting help. 

Over the Edge: College Sports' Mental Health Crisis's Relation To Sport Business

Over the Edge: College Sports' Mental Health Crisis is an emotional depiction of the mental health toll it takes on college kids to perform as a student-athlete. The series provides a direct look into the lives of not only athletes, but the coaches and families involved in amateur sport, and how the mental health struggles of student-athletes affect each group differently. Over the Edge dives even deeper into the perspective of student-athletes, demonstrating the different processes of seeking out help when you need it. It shows viewers what it's like on the player side of sport to need to seek out and receive help regarding your mental health. 

Using the personable and relatable stories of student-athletes and others impacted by these struggles, the series shows us how college sports is growing and getting the conversation about mental health issues going. We see positive change stemming from these conversations, and sometimes, even from tragedies. From personal stories, viewers are able to see student-athletes turn some of the hardest and darkest times of their life into triumphs and success. 

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Why watch Over the Edge: College Sports' Mental Health Crisis?

This mini-series offers a raw perspective on the issue of mental health and student-athletes. For any athlete, the enormous pressure to compete and win can bring up a lot of overwhelming feelings. Over the Edge: College Sports' Mental Health Crisis discusses these feelings in a way that is extremely relatable to athletes, coaches, and families. It shows the work that college sports is currently doing to push a national movement that destigmatizes mental health issues, and makes the process of reaching out to get help one that student-athletes are not afraid of.  Through telling the stories of past and current athletes, this series provides a direct example of how things get better, something that is encouraging and inspiring for any athlete or sports fan to see. Add this series to your watch list to gain some great insight on the impact of mental health on college sports! 

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