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All American

Posted By Jaelyn Terrion

All American follows high school football star Spencer James as he moves from South L.A. to to Beverly Hills to play for the region's leading high school team.

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About All American

High school football star Spencer James is recruited from Crenshaw High School to go and play for Beverly Hills High, one of the region's best football schools. He must adjust to a new school, new classmates, and new coaches that have a different worldview and privilege than he was raised with. All American displays the wins, losses and struggles of two vastly different families that come from differing backgrounds. It also demonstrates the drama that comes with teenage trials and tribulations

All American 's Relation To Sport Business

All American offers an intimate look into amateur sport, as the audience is able to see stars like Spencer James play high school football at an elite level. Most players on the Beverly Hills high team are chasing their dream of one day becoming pro, and with the help from their coaches and trainers, they may just get there.

The series also shows a look into the player side of sport. In All American, viewers see the intense trials and tribulations of Spencer, who switches positions multiple times while playing football. We also see some of the struggles of others on the team, including drug testing, extreme training, and more.

All American Sport Industry Areas Touched

All American Industry Endorsements

All American has been suggested to us by sport industry professionals we talk to on a regular basis. See a list of those individuals below.

 Industry Professional  Organization  Position
Daniel Alvarado Atlanta United FC Digital Media Coordinator
Mariesha Gibson Ohio State University, Department of Athletics BTN Production Manager
Promise Amukamara Charnay BB & The Nigerian National Team Professional Basketball Player

Why watch All American ?

All American mixes sport with teenage drama, creating a series that has viewers hooked on the story line from the first episode. Viewers watch as Spencer James navigates life at Beverly Hills High, from football, to friends, and to family. All American provides a realistic view of life in Los Angeles as a teenager, and shows viewers not only the luxurious side of things, but the dangerous as well. Add All American to your sports TV series watchlist today for an exciting and dramatic watch!

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