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All American

Posted By Andres Larranaga

All American is a sports drama series inspired by former NFL athlete Spencer Paysinger.

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About All American

All American follow the story of Spencer James (based on the real Spencer Paysinger). Spencer is a high school football player playing for Sout Central LA. With his talent being noticed, he then gets recruited to Beverly Hills High School. He faces a struggle when his mom and brother want the best for him and to move to a much better area. This while his friend struggles with the gang lifestyle of their neighbourhood. Can he balance the relationships in his personal life while giving it his all for a possible scholarship? It's an original series that premiered on The CW but is also on Amazon Prime. Check it out today!

All American's Relation To Sport Business

In All American, we see the life of a young football player with what is the start of his playing career. Yes, he is just in high school so it may not be a career at the start, but it's the path that can lead an athlete to great things. Because here is where college scouts will start to notice and try to recruit these young players with scholarships. Beyond that, we do see the personal struggles faced by Spencer and the effects that could have on his dreams. They are factors that can affect our games and when scouts are around watching, they're not getting the real picture or capturing the real talent that can be displayed. It's how athletes decide to take on these challenges that change the level they play at from amateur to professional.

All AmericanSport Industry Areas Touched

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All American Industry Endorsements

All American has been suggested to us by sport industry professionals we talk to on a regular basis. See a list of those individuals below.

 Industry Professional  Organization  Position
Daniel Alvarado Atlanta United FC Digital Media Coordinator
Mariesha Gibson Ohio State University, Department of Athletics BTN Production Manager
Promise Amukamara Charnay BB & The Nigerian National Team Professional Basketball Player

Why watch All American?

All American is a great sports series to watch! And many people agree! The reviews and feedback are mostly positive. It has also been continually renewed after each season so far. The fact that it is loosely based on real events, specifically the life of Spencer Paysinger, makes it more real and easier to relate to. Through it all, we learn to not give up, because even though the series is still running, we know how Spencer's career turned out. Football fans will definitely love this one! Sports fans of all kinds will enjoy this too, so make sure it gets added to your watch list today!

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